#Egypt #travel The streets of Cairo | Eating, Walking Tahrir Sq. Khan el Khalili. Memory lane |

Hi everyone! In this video we took an Uber to see Tahrir Sq and walk the streets of downtown Cairo. Next day we walked around Khan el-Khalili and walked down memory lane. Enjoy!!!

Part 1: Travel day to Cairo

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First song ‘Sun Comes Out’
Second song ‘Mystic River’
Third song ‘All of This’

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  1. Tahrir Square is a bustling area. Reminds me of NYC. Was that gentleman asking for $? I'm just curious. Those pastries looks so yummy 🙂 Aw, the little girl. Heart breaking 🙁 how cool you were on the Nile! That marketplace is so cool. I've only seen stuff like that in the movies and at Epcot lol. Wow, the church you were married in! And the place you lived in, wow!! Wonderful family photos. Beautiful vlog Heba. I'm enjoying your adventures 🙂

  2. Hi Heba! Loved part 2! Love seeing the scenes from the Nile. I teach world history and Egyptian history is part of my curriculum. I'm going to show your vlog to my students! They will love it! The food all looks amazing! I think I would have gone nuts shopping! I can understand not being able to record outside the church, but it was great that you were able to show us the inside! On to Part 3!!! xoxo Marlene

  3. Wow, Heba!! Looks like ya’ll are having an awesome time! Food is always my thing when I travel too. The little girl, bless her heart when ur husband translated what she said. Thanks for documenting ur travels, feels so real like im there

  4. OMG how wonderful was that! And getting to see where you were born and lived, married…was this the one with the little girl…you made her day. I know I went on and watched the other before commenting on this one LOL I wanted to continue! I loved this! xoxo

  5. I just LOVED this video, so interesting!!!! The food seems very similar to Greek, looked very yummy! Aw it broke my heart to see that little girl begging for hubby's dessert. Hopefully she just really loved sweets and couldn't resist rather than her begging because she was starving 🙁 Whenever I see my name on ANYTHING I have to buy it. I usually find a lot in France so this past summer i came home with a ruler, necklace, change purse etc etc. I could never find my name anywhere either so I know the struggle 😉 So where did you and Hubby meet? So interesting that you are from the same place and got married there but i think you said you only lived there till you were 2? My Hubby and I are both British, he was raised in South Africa and I was raised in Canada but we met here (in Canada). Fate 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!! xoxo

  6. Ohh Heba!!! Your trip looks amazing, your husband’s first language is Arabic right? When he said what the little girl said , my heart melted. All that food was making me HUNGRY lol still watching xx

  7. I am so excited to see part 2 of your trip! This was another amazing vlog with so many cool sites and food! Gosh, the food looked amazing! I feel like I could taste it through the computer screen haha I love memory lane and how you were able to visit the church you were married in and how you got to spend time with your family. I had a huge smile on my face this entire vlog. Amazing! Can't wait for the next part!!!

  8. Another great video, so fun to watch! I made the mistake of watching this video hungry and ended up spending $25 on my lunch!!! That food looked so good and the cooks at the kushari place made it look like an art form!!!

  9. Your husband is very sweet. It made me tear up when he gave the sweets to the little girl. I have never been to Egypt but it is on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing your trip 🙂

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