#Egypt #travel The Streets of Cairo are AMAZING! Join me on a walk to see why!

Join me on a walk through the streets of Cairo. I`m visiting the Cairo Towers which gives a spectacular view of the city. Also trying the special Egyptian style pizza called Feteer, really delicious. And walking around watching the local people and daily life.

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My name is Eivind, I am a thirty six year old Norwegian guy living in Oslo, Norway. I am quite new to the YouTuber travel vlog sphere, but hope that you find my videos cool, and as time pass by I hope you see my content getting better and better. My goal is trying to enlighten and brighten your day by giving you interesting videos about traveling, meeting people and eating food from all different kinds of cuisines. Another thing that I want is to break down barriers of travel and prejudices of foreign countries and cultures. My opinion is that most people and cultures are friendly, but unfortunately sometimes media gives a biased view.

Usually my travels goes to places that are a bit out of the beaten track, like smaller cities or just less known cities, where I explore the neighborhoods or head into the nature. If possible, I`ll bring my drone also, but this has become more difficult in recent years due to strict regulations. I will also try to make some videos about my home country Norway, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

On my travels I like to connect with the local people. Usually I do this via Couchsurfing, either just by meeting up with people to explore together or by actually staying at their place. I also wander aimlessly around in places talking to random people.

I do host a lot of people in my place in Oslo, maybe someday it will be you.

One of my biggest passion in life is food. And when cooking and eating together with nice people it`s the best. I make some videos together with some of my guests, these are really fun to make and I also learn to make new dishes. Maybe you can come cook with me?

Another thing I try to is enlighten people about the environment, especially the plastic problem we have all over the world. In almost every country I go to there is garbage all over. I film it and put it in some videos here and there. As a tip for you, try to pick up one piece of plastic everyday, and of course, never throw any in the first place.

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  1. the man was saying since u are making a video come and put somebody called bomba in the video and make him popular ..he is harmless but seems he did it in a way that was rude somehow ..9 years ago we had a revolution and there were some foriengers who was making videos and asking people questions ..afterwards those videos apparently was made to show the egyptians badly ..thats why the other man was asking about ur nationality and your name and why you are making the video ..when he got that u are a tourist it was ok ..otherwise nobody will get any harm in egypt ..we egyptians like to get intact with tourists ..thats why u will find that while u are in a street or any other places ..people will try to make a conversation with u ..to some it will appear like they need something but actually we like to talk to tourists ..its an egyptian way of saying hello ..thanks

  2. Those streets look interesting. Doesn't look like there are too much in the way of people trying to sell you something every 10 meters. I bet if you mention the name Mo Salah people will give you a good reception.

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