#Egypt #travel The Strangest Ancient Pyramid In The Entire world? Abu Rawash In Egypt

In this article are my publications about ancient Egypt and evidence of shed ancient substantial engineering:

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  1. Эту пирамиду,по всей видимости, разобрали на строительный материал..Изредка видны ремонтные детали(возможно,в эпохи бытия царства Та Кемет).

  2. The excess binder might have been used intentionally, perhaps for it’s a) conductive b) insulating c) impermeable qualities? An even simpler explanation, it was used by dynastics during repair works.

  3. Awesome work as always Brien! Those scorch marks in the wall seam in one of your pics actually look like chimney effect burn which would in this case come from the inside out. There might be something to the “blew up or exploded from the inside theory. Also, when i look at your pics of the main wall face, the burn pattern is inconsistent with a direct burn from say sun plasma or intense energy contact. Interesting and thanks

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Is that a bathtub type structure inside? The other pyramid (now a landfill) that is built like this has the bathtub thing in it. So do some South American megalithic sites. Seems Ed Leedskalnin has something similar. Makes me wonder if it’s integral to this type of building ability.

  5. That is what i was to ask for. How did you were allowed to enter?. That's a very restricted area. And i don't know why. Is a very strange pyramid (as any other in ancient times). And now it's surrounded by a military area. For sure there's something they are hiding.

  6. Thanks again Brien . All this charring that keeps appearing at these locations seems to support Robert Schochs theory on a mass coronal ejection at 12000 years over the equally strong comet theory but how can you be sure ..

  7. I am "in the Know" of why it was constructed by the Brother of a Pharo just 2.5 Feet taller than Giza at it's overview of Giza. Also in The Know why it twas Deconstructed. Lillroy Jimi says 12 on Twitter. My military Contact is John E. Tuthill next Meeting 20th May.

  8. I had no idea the pyramid complex existed, thanks for sharing. Plasma to lightening discharge scars? There is a thought with evidence, in ancient times it was common for celestial body’s to discharge plasma belts between themselves very frequently. According to Dr. Thornhill our planetary system was very very different and has gone through many catastrophic changes.

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