#Egypt #travel The Pyramids are EMPTY but I can't 100% recommend it – Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt is one of the few places open to travel in 2020 BUT it’s also one of the toughest places I’ve ever traveled. Here’s why Cairo is not for all travelers.
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  1. Good video. Spent a lot of time in Egypt many years ago. 89 and 92. 6 months total. Loved the people and vibe then. Was seriously considering going back very soon. You should get to Siwa oasis if you havent't yet!

  2. So you wouldn't travel with a preteen daughter and small child??? Serious question here, lol. We're a family of 4 and we're traveling the world but Egypt has long been my most coveted desination… just haven't been brave enough to try it with children. Thinking of maybe trying it during the slow travel…

  3. Dude, just because you a Vlogger, does not mean you are entitled and have access to go and film anything you want. Itotally makes sense for them to send a chaperon with you, they don't know who you are.

    You remind me of the person who travels abroad and compares everything to Tim Hortons. There is more to world than Tim Hortons buddy, learn to adjust.

  4. Anything you film and make profits from of public buildings/ spaces/ National parks= Commercial= License, and this is not only in Egypt. You have just been lucky this far. And from a Norwegian female who lived and worked in Egypt; always bring a male friend, in Cairo preferably several. Cover legs, arms and shoulders, and everything else, unless you want a lot of creepy attention.

  5. Compliments on your video. One thing that I wish I had when I was touring there was more small change — a lot more. The Egyptian people were all so friendly but I could easily afforded to purchase more small trinkets and tip more at the various sites. Many seemed poor and it would have been appreciated. I ran out of change quickly and I believe that I needed way more. Cairo was not my favorite city because of the air pollution but I thought that Alexandria was very nice as well as Luxor. I hope to go back when the G.E.M. is open — and also visit Aswan. Thank you again for your excellent videos.

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