#Egypt #travel The People Allowed Inside Egypt's Pyramids (2002)

Secrets of the Sands (2002): Interviews with the people who have access to ancient Egyptian tombs, the contents of which have not yet been revealed to all.

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We go to Egypt to speak to the men granted access to the country’s most closely guarded tombs. It seems that errors in previous archaeological studies mean that much of our given knowledge about the Ancient Egyptians is in fact wrong and that most of the ancient world’s secrets are yet to be revealed.

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  1. Hawass is incompetent. he has been rejecting things that compete against the narrative. does he do this for the sake of pride or is he just following orders? egypt wants to think they are the builders of the pyramids, of course it wouldnt be a story if the blacks didnt think they are the ones who built them, but dna of the rulers are coming back as Caucasian but we dont want to talk about that and this matter has been "settled" and closed.

  2. You really got to be a total moron to show the dishonorable & corrupt Dr. Zahi Hawass as one of ur sources of info for ur video… Obviously this will be a video of many bullshit lies about Great Pyramid & Sphinx.

  3. They are both just studing different aspect of Egyptian society. On one hand, the amazing ingenuity of human creation, an on the other human interactions on its day to day life.

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