#Egypt #travel The Origins of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

The Predynastic Period in Ancient Egypt is the time before recorded history from the Paleolithic to the Neolithic Age and on to the rise of the First Dynasty and is generally recognized as spanning the era from c. 6000-3150 BCE (though physical evidence argues for a longer history). While there are no written records from this period, archaeological excavations throughout Egypt have uncovered artifacts which tell their own story of the development of culture in the Nile River Valley. The periods of the Predynastic Period are named for the regions/ancient city sites in which these artifacts were found and do not reflect the names of the cultures who actually lived in those areas.

The Predynastic Period was given its name in the early days of archaeological expeditions in Egypt before many of the most important finds were discovered and catalogued which has led some scholars to argue over when, precisely, the Predynastic Period begins and, more importantly, ends. These scholars suggest the adoption of another designation, ‘Protodynastic Period’, for that span of time closer to the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3150-2613 BCE) or ‘Zero Dynasty’. These designations are not universally agreed upon and ‘Predynastic Period’ is the term most commonly accepted for the period prior to the first historical dynasties.

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  1. SPOILER….. This episode comes as a taste of what is to come….. within two weeks you will see a video titled along the line of "The Origins of the Ancient Egyptians," and in this video we get to the nitty gritty topics that you long for and that is answers based on DNA, Material Culture and Primary Sources involving the race or races of the ancient Egyptians and their ethnic identities, more importantly we will explore how the ancient Egyptians saw themselves. And let me tell you all now….. it was a blast making and recording that episode and can't wait to release it and prepare yourselves because it is almost two hours long.

  2. Egyptians literaly means "inhabitants of the farming fields" , they lived along the farming fields by the river nile and they didnt make cities they just dwelled in the farms. The pyramids and all to themediterranean seem to be something more European despite the dates.

  3. This is all fine. Great even. It only serves to leave me far more baffled by granite vases, obviously turned on a lathe. Those great structures, those fkn huge pillars again so precise , they were also turned on a lathe . Those granite boxes , that are within a thousandth of a inch.

  4. The truth be told, domestication of animals, farming, metallurgy, basic civilization was all brought to Sub Sahara Africa. Nubia learned first because they were the closest to civilized peoples.

  5. I was reading a site that promotes Blacks invented the world and we will prove it. Theywas n about Egypt being all Black Africans. So a young lad says "I will go check dna evidence!" When he returns he says "Ancient Egyptian dna by specialists, says they were closer to Northern Europeans, the lying bastards!" How can you teach that single minded mentality?

  6. This was a much better take on the ancient history of "Egypt", mainly because it acknowledged differing opinions on such claims, and prudently bore humility about what is known. As is often the case however, reference of another historical theorist is raised to the level of evidence, and significant gaps of knowledge are filled with assumptions and narrative in order to bring it together into a engaging story/lesson.

  7. The Kushites (Nubians) established ancient Kemet (Egyptian) culture going back to 15,000 BC. The Ethiopians established ancient Kemet as a colony as early as 5500 BC

    I CAN PROVE IT if you are to give me some of your time. Anyone that's interested, I'll respectfully await a response.

  8. Book of Genesis is FACT. Please find below scientific/cosmological/archaeological/historical proof & explanation behind the Book of Genesis.
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  9. This is amazing. I feel like we are going through a new period of symbolic manipulation and encoding meaning in symbols with internet memes and emojis. Perhaps we are now in our own "2890 BCE" as these modern hieroglyphs slowly morph into a system of meaning that allows us to uncover and encode secrets about our universe that we hitherto could conceive but not truly express. Free of those shackles a new age of written history unfolds — one where our destiny is written in the stars above instead of the clay sands below. Thank you for this journey into history. May all who find this light add to its shine. Stay visionary!

  10. Too many people have this "single thread" view of human history, thinking that development of human civilisation was solely due to one group or another. This simplistic view enables all sorts of race theories, none of which hold much water.

    Personally, I blame religious meddling and indoctrination. The academic links between history and theology created an environment where the muddling of history, legend and myth allowed historians to make up bizarre theories and conclusions, many of which are still held as "gospel" by those whose race aligned with that of the "more civilised" protagonists in their fairy tale. This emotive, "choose your own adventure", malleable view of hustorical fact still grips those with fundamentalist religious views.

    Anthropology is showing over and over that our development is not linear, that developments in technology quickly spread to other communities not through conquest/annihilation but largely through trade and exchange of ideas.

    The Egyptians weren't "black" or "white", they were groups of different tribal peoples which slowly developed a shared identity, whilst reacting to, exchanging and integrating developments from other neolithic groups, both those to the Mediterranean/Asian north as well as to the African south.

  11. Thank you very much for your effort, it's a delight to have found a serious historical channel. It can't hurt to educate the flat earther types your video's attract either., keep up the good work!

  12. I wonder if these differnt culturas that chang are liken to the Pharoah dynastic lines, the culture changed as the leaders changed, could this be why the later belief that gods and ansters lived for 100's of years

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