#Egypt #travel The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 – Director Fehmi Krasniqi

The construction of the Great Pyramid and the True History of Humanity revealed.
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Correction: My speech was recorded, in May 2020. At that time, I didn’t preview to monetise the film. But with the national economic crisis, monetization has become essential for me, so the movie is now monetised.
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Today we are in 2020.
Why then K 2019 ?
Because the year 2019, marked the beginning of the new History of mankind with the World Première of this documentary film.
The movie has actually official subtitles in: English, Turkish, Danish(Not yet official) and French.
French version of Great Pyramid K 2019

English subtitle file to use for traduction in other languages.

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  1. Very interesting hypotheses with many ironic open questions; so they went throughout the world building civilizations as nomads, leaving none of their people behind, or DNA; just the ignorant original people they encountered in all these lands to enjoy their constructions, while greedily guarding their lense technology??? Humm?? Being a Mexican should I say thanks to these arrogant insult??
    Perhaps I will when ample evidence of this lense is presented in archeological and historical designs of some form; the secret sauce was the lense that was capable of melting a hole to the center of the earth and these was not expounded upon.
    Furthermore what annoys me much is the claim of the Olmec Heads as evidence of african dominance in Mexico – balderdash!!!
    Many of our original people endemic to hot tropical zones for millennia have snub round noses and yet no african features.
    In contrast the ignominious conquest of Hernan Cortez in Mexico did leave an indelible mark; it literally created a new race, the Mestizos; half Spaniards and the conglomerate of Maya, Aztec, etc. of the original people of this continent.

  2. Absolutely fascinating documentary…..but can someone please explain the part around 1:22…..did they literally use millions of different size molds… as modern photos clearly show that there is an enormous variety in the stone sizes….

  3. Finally a Unified Theory for the Pyramids of the world.

    If only they could have shown The actually process of melting the stones with the giant lenses they mention.

    Actually, given all the thought and effort poured into this film, it's a glaring shortcoming. That's all I need now… To see it done. Because then ALL THE REST OF IT becomes that much more Real.

  4. So you are saying that the ORIGIONAL ANTISEMITES AND ENSLAVERS OF THE JEWS WERE BLACK …?! Well thats a turn up for the books .!!
    Oh !..And … Solar lenses"…Do you know how difficult it is to create a glass lense ?..or rather magnification lenses that will focus the suns light to a point whereby it can create lava…?..If it were possible it would be used today …a time when we can create lenses with precision..but even LASAR's are a difficult proposition ..Not to mention the Earth and Sun are constantly moving …Nice idea…doesn't work .There must be another way .
    And if the blocks above the 'Kings Chamber " were to 'spread the load weight…Why add to the weight with the horizontal blocks below ?..Dispersion of weight is not necessary the shape of the pyramid structure does that naturally .Only vertical standing walls need arches or flying butresses .And refilling those stair..'lanes '.from the top down .on the outside of the pyramid ..pooring concrete would be easier from the ground step by step rather than downwards ..which is impossible …If you have poured concrete by hand yourself you'd know this …there is no way .working.from. the top down that you can pour into a block UNDER the previous and get a perfect joint ..your diagram shows a pouring hole at the top of the frame…not happening I'm afraid..the concrete would just pour back out ..

  5. With out a doubt in my mind, this absolutely is the best explanation of how this monumental effort was completed. You sir and all those involved in the making of this documentary will forever be remembered. Your rational thinking in the reality that man constructed and completed the Great Pyramid will go down in history. No aliens. No lavation. No unbelievable feats of human strength. No selling books or speaking lectures on how the Gods built it. THANKS YOU. I'm 57 and for 40 years I've studied – read – listened to – ben lied to and done it all in my effort for understanding. I truly, truly believe you got it correct. Thank you once again. OUTSTANDING.

  6. They cared Not for the North because it is the orientation of the real creator and the Yarden from the feet of the most high in the most high Heaven .. Curious that they ignored the Pole Star .
    It is their Paganism and misguidence from the precepts of GOD by the fallen Watchers that brought GODS wrath and the flood .
    "A KIND OF …LAST PASSION OF CHRIST "….As she said…. All paganism is a deliberately misconceptualised twist on the truth for the deception of mankind by the Watchers …As Enoch wrote .
    "And Enoch was not ,for he was taken by GOD "…But he left us his testimony .

  7. I see many many people commenting about something apparently not explained that is, in fact, explained (directly or indirectly) in the documentary.
    Be truthful and watch the whole thing, attentively, lazy bastards.

  8. NICE TRY, where did the granite come from, how do you sculpt those perfectly shaped (and also raised) statues, how do you know the perfect north and make no mistake by .3, how do fill in the obelisk, apparently there is one in the ground carved out of the ground as it is, and i think of many more of these questions. Not to mention thousands of vases made out of granite as mentioned in this video. Now say it's all good how do you explain Petra or even more insane megaliths like the ones in India and alike and even more intricate, caved out of the rock type of stuff? There is no modular structure there to even start with. These are all over the world. LIDAR brings cities under the Amazon, thus older than the amazon itself. Oh wait and the Sphinx was around even before these pyramids, now that is one hell of a giant perfect mold to start with! I'd say go watch a Joe Rogan video with Graham Hancock, especially the ones where you see Randall Carlson in it.

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