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It is the belief of several than the Excellent Pyramid of Egypt, the premier monument on the Giza Plateau, was in truth a rain machine some thing that thanks to the news that arrived out of the Center East in 2011, that researchers had been artificially seeding rain clouds, unquestionably isn’t pseudoscience. It is in truth really real.

Standard observations of the Excellent Pyramid, from the h2o pump hypothesis, the acoustic houses, the piezoelectric energy era and the truth that it could emphasis electromagnetic energy, all tell us that the Excellent Pyramid focused energy into the atmosphere.

Could the historical individuals of Egypt have been making an attempt to seed rain clouds to stop the desertification of northern, Decrease Egypt, to motivate plant growth and to proficiently save the civilisation. COuld this consequently necessarily mean that the rain erosion of The Sphinx enclosure could also be youthful than we believe? Observe the video clip to understand far more.

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  1. Hello Matt, what a wonderful video. Actually, I noticed that the moat around the pyramid could be related to floating the blocks into place for further placement, but this is just a thought. My reason for posting is that I find an unexplained inconsistency with the khafre pyramid design, if the khufu pyramid was designed with the same energy principles then how do you explain the lack of these principles in the khafre pyramid, the only explanation I can see is that it was built before the khufu pyramid for the purpose of proving a structural capability before a second effort incorporating the shafts and chambers. I know this idea can't be proven but shouldn't there be some correlation between the khufu and khafre pyramids design? Thanks.

  2. With every new find, there are more unanswered questions . one step forward and 2 steps back. Yes to find the true truth, but no matter how much is excavated only the unimportant artifacts will be revealed. The real answers will be taken from us by a select few. So I doubt we'll every know for certain. What a crime

  3. Well that is cool. I say we replicate what needs to be inside one of the pyramids, put a gold cap on it and then crank it up! Pump water in and let's see what happens. That would be something.

  4. Nice compilation. Glad to see you're open to the possibility that the pyramids were built under 7,000 years ago. If the pyramids were rain machines that caused the weathering of the sphinx etc, there should be a way to estimate how much rain each pyramid could generate in how much time. Since there are said to be I think hundreds of buried pyramid sites in Egypt, if many or most of them were used as rain machines, maybe Egypt remained very fertile for some centuries. But would the pyramids in other locations around the globe have been used for the same purpose? It does look like the Giza pyramids were made to be ram pumps, as you've said, but would such large pumps have been needed for agriculture, if the pyramids were making much rain? You said earlier that they were just pumps initially and the pyramids were built on top of the original foundations later. So were the ram pumps needed initially, and then as climate worsened the rain machines were made on top of them?

  5. Interesting theory…. but perhaps not one of my favorite. Let me explain.
    I would like an idea that the pyramids were built at the ZepTepi (first time) or as a monument to the first time when the gods had reached Egypt.
    By simple math we can arrive to this conclusion
    12 thousand + 26 thousand = 38 thousand (roughly)
    Previous age of Leo plus full precessional cycle = Zep Tepi

    This strong connection to the stars when we talk about the pyramids seems to be missing in the Rain Machine theory.

  6. Wonder if someone can build a working scaled model – if it can generate sound/electricity/water, that would prove a lot of things, and if not, it would give people new ideas.

  7. Gee, how is it that modern ( I use the term loosely ) Egyptians are so ignorant and uneducated? They are completely void of all reasoning when it comes to the structures that were built long before the current residents ever found what is known as Egypt.

  8. I completely agree with you…this makes sense…if it was a burial site…where are the mummies….oh yeah Dr hawass says grave robbery…I totally believe him…not

  9. The real reason why weather modification technologies (like HARP) are always done in secret is one of LIABILITY. You could redirect a hurricane from the highly populated area and save the country billions but then be sued into oblivion by the tiny neighboring town that got wiped out.

  10. Ultimately; the only way to find the true function is to properly rebuild and restore them. And make everyone give back what was all taken from them. Then all we would need to do is add water. Love the theory best one yet.

  11. Stellar alignment with Orion's Belt was something that made a certain sense, but after listening to information about the DOGON Tribe of South Africa, and that they send out ? Missionaries ? over time to build and distribute the knowledge from Sirius is sometimes very hard to believe or even accept as a possibility. – – If you follow the Alignment philosophy, then the pyramids were built some 10,450 years ago when the alignment of the Sighting holes would have aligned with the configuration on the ground.


    I like that you are exploring the different ideas, and not discounting any of them. Hopefully, you will mix and match till you find something that will take us from idea and concept to the possibility of something that no one considered.

  12. The possible effect of ionising radiation on condensation nuclei is only controversial because it suggests radiation from the sun is the main cause of climate change, not Co2 in the atmosphere and there have been links made between mini ice ages and periods of reduced solar activity or grand solar minimums. The science is quite convincing but flies in the face of man made climate change agenda.

  13. This is great it really brings it all together. Seems to me the pyramids were more of a Multi purpose machine that provided several different services at once. Having all those things would be good motivation for a civilization to build. Starting out small and then going bigger as they perfected it.

  14. Jim Chesnar talks about the idea of the pyramids being a rain machine in the Bock Saga during his recent interview with Greg Carlwood. Might be able to pull some info from Jim or his videos. His stories are based on an oral tradition passed down for generations.

  15. Electrical power generator would be my hypothesis. It would've consumed so much fuel to keep the lighthouse at Alexandria going 24/7 that an electrical source was most likely used.

  16. Is it possible that the gold or copper capstone would have focused the negatively charged ions into something else sitting on top of the pyramid? I'm not an ancient astronaut theorist, but what if humans were the ones who went to space?

  17. Hey AA – you've got great content and it comes across as really professional, keep it up, I really enjoy it! However in this case, I'm sceptical. Firstly the Abu Dhabi claims of 50+ or so days of rain 'when forecasters predicted none' were claims made by the company who made the technology. So that gave me alarm bells! Digging a bit deeper even they state that, although they believe their technology does increase rainfall – well they would wouldn't they 😉 – they admit the Abu Dhabi test, despite the rainfall claims didn't really prove it – it could still be natural variation. Don't know if they are doing tests now. I'm still of the belief that 70 or so years of attempted weather manipulation by humans have not really produced results that stand scientific scrutiny. However, perhaps someone may succeed in the future.

    Secondly, it seems clear to me that the Egyptians themselves were clear that it was the Nile and the annual flooding that they and their agriculture depended on – they didn't rely on rains. Yes they must have been descended from pastoral peoples that herded cattle from deeper in the Sahara, and the desiccation of the Sahara drove them to the Nile, but surely by the time they had a civilisation that could build the pyramids that was a civilisation that exploited the Nile valley agriculturally. No need for rains (in fact desert rains would have been likely to be damaging, causing flash floods.) Isn't Set, the evil god of the Egyptian pantheon, the storm god? If you look at cultures who did require rain for their farms and livelihoods, you tend to find their weather gods a bit like their weather – unpredictable, a bit stormy/hot headed but highly revered and on top of their pantheon – think Zeus.

    Thirdly – re: coronal mass ejections. Don't want to be unfair – you don't really mention any detail. I'm trained as a physicist and I can't really see a coronal mass ejection really harming much on earth – yes it can impact our current civilisation, but that's because we rely on electric devices and a CME can damage electrical systems. And I'm not sure something as tiny as the Great pyramid, if it was there to aid protection of the Earth's magnetic field could significantly augment the output of the Earth's natural geodynamo. But, hey, I'd be interested if there's actual real evidence!

    Anyway just some thoughts after watching your vid, always open-minded on virtually all issues so just putting them up for debate.

  18. If the Nile brought water to the Pyramids by the causeways, then how? I thought they were above the Nile. You'd need pumps.
    Apart from that you've prob got Tesla bang to rights, and nailed your trousers to the mast.
    We need to recreate a phonic generator in a lab, or a back garden.

  19. If the pyramids WERE an ancient machine; I would only think it as a Star-Gate or porthole for being traveling, from a other dimension. Now we can vistit them by taking DMT (do NOT recommend this)

  20. Hi Matt, thanks for another interesting video, i always enjoys your dedication towards decoding the mysteries of the pyramids. I confess i don't share your opinion, for me this video it's more science-fiction then science-fact! But still i have an open mind. But if we agree in your theory so i will add some inquiring thoughts. So if water was used inside the pyramids to operate some type of mechanism to produce electricity or work as a pump, how you conduct the water toward the interior of the pyramid/s? Where is the mechanism? So how does the enclosure wall around the pyramid work as well, if the entrance of the pyramid is far above the top of that wall? How you will operate the plugs inside the Grand Gallery? It makes some sense if you consider that the boat pits around the pyramid was used to channel water inside the pyramid, or toward the subterranean chamber. And maybe there is some valve or mechanism covered by the subsidiary pyramid next to Khafre pyramid. But this also just material for though, because so many more boat pits were found around egypt, buried in pits with same shape as the boat. So i don't think the primary use for the boat pits was to channel water.

  21. I was thinking:

    The temple of Jersualem is made from impossible stones (megalith's). King Solomon used evil spirits to build his temple:

    These spirits were worshipped by, Rome, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, The Viking, The Inca's. I am thinking similar spirits (helped?) building the amazing structures we are findin: rocks wich are melted to eachother.

    Stuff like Baalbek, one of the most beautifull if you ask me. These ROMAN looking pillars from the destroyed temple, are just as impossible, as the 1100 ton stones. They all used demons, just like the sphinx builders, tens-of-thousands years ago.

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