#Egypt #travel The Egyptian Household (Assassin's Creed: Origins; Ancient Egypt Discovery Tour)


  1. In general, history class tends to be boring, and students are forced to do rote learning without understanding how people used to feel in daily life in ancient times. So young people fail to respect our ancestor. However, this video presents us how ancient Egyptians had lived very vividly as if they are still alive. Our life today is based upon our past including those ancient Egyptians, and we are not separate. Learning history is to recognize that our present and past are integrated, and we are a part of history.

  2. From books (written by Egyptologists) and objects collected in museums, I gather that Egyptian houses had few windows and they were placed very high, in order to let the heat escape. There was very little furniture; wood was very scarce, as the country was extremely poor on trees–mostly acacias. Also, there were no chickens in Ancient Egypt, and they absolutely did not wear the fez as you show in a scene.

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