#Egypt #travel The Delicious Foods in Egypt

Egyptian delicacies has been affected by its neighbors, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Lebanon and Syria right until meals in the course of this section of the planet bears a potent resemblance to just about every other.

Kebabs, tahini, veggies, kofta, Molokheya (the thick environmentally friendly soup in the online video that tasted like spinach), and a variety of desserts. A brief online video to show these food items and you are going to in all probability conclude up stating, “Oh that is Greek meals” or “that is what I eat again household.” Familiar and mouth watering…


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  1. well i've lived there, came back recently keep in mind the media doesn't portray the whole truth, its not good over there but its not as bad as the news wants us to think i was living there before during and after the election and most of the chaos is in one area for the most part you are safe where we live over there you wouldn't even know their was chaos if it weren't for the news alot of it is propaganda against the president I have family there if it weren't for living there i'd be worried

  2. Every time I read about the problems in Egypt right now, I get so sad thinking about what these lovely and friendly people are going through. Thanks for visiting my channel…

  3. There are times that I just repeat what I have been told since it is impossible to be knowledgeable about food origins. We did enjoy the food through, especially "flu" or "fool" which taste like a chili con carne to me. Thanks for visiting my channel. Best regards, Travels With Sheila

  4. Hi, Im kamar….I totally agree with samlo6 FUL is the only dish and I have to add harissa to eat……..for my taste. But, overall food is good in egypt – just not great. Hey, samlo6 lets make them some maklubi! besslama

  5. @Dooont I wanted to try small, out of the way places, but guides absolutely refused to take you there. They are deathly afraid that harm with come to their clients. Loved what we did eat, though. Thanks for watching and commenting. Best regards, Travels With Sheila

  6. @samlo6 Egyptian food is one of the best and oldest cuisines. Your egyptian friend's mothers probably didn't know how to cook! XD. If you go to Egypt one day just try the food and you will be blown away.

  7. Шикарно! Вы знаете, чем заинтересовать русских и прочих свиней.

    Русские свиньи будут довольны!

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