#Egypt #travel The City of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt Full Cinematic Documentary

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  1. In future, this may be how schoolkids submit their assignments – as multimedia documentary-style presentations.
    Did you make this yourself?
    It's wonderful.
    Assassins Creed is doing phenomenal service to the study of history!

  2. PLUTARCH WRITES:” On the first day of the General their hearts, the troops saluted him in the Macedonian language. Olso Plutarch tells us that the mother tongue of Ptolemi was exactly the Macedonian language . According to Plutarch Cleopatra spoke her mother tongue the Macedonian .”

  3. PLUTARCH the age of Alexander
    [ 1] “Alexander was born on the sixth day of the month Hecalatombaeon which Macedonians call Luis , the same day on which the temple of Artemis at Ephesus was burn down.”
    [p.254] [ Macedonians had their own distinct Calendar]

  4. Incorrect. Egypt did not become part of the Roman empire until after her death in 30 BC. In fact she strengthened Egypt's position throughout her reign and Antony's alliance with her and territorial concessions to her caused the final war of the republic.

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