#Egypt #travel The Ancient Egyptian Exhibits of the British Museum: A Tour | Ancient Architects On Location

Watch this mini 14-minute tour of the Ancient Egyptian antiquities of the British Museum. Footage was taken in March 2020, one hour before closing time so I was limited in the relics I could see and record.

I’ve focussed on the relics of Ancient Egypt, as well as ancient Assyrian exhibits and the enigmatic basalt Easter Island statue.

I show you first-hand the colossal statues of Egyptian pharaohs Amenhotep I and III, Thutmose I, III and IV, Ramesses II, the hugely important Rosetta Stone, a fragment of the beard from the Great Sphinx, the Assyrian reliefs that showcase the famous ‘handbags’ and an ancient Moai statue from Easter Island.

Some come and take this mini tour with Matt from Ancient Architects and please subscribe, like and comment below.

All footage is taken by Matt Sibson and is owned by the Ancient Architects Channel.



  1. A nice and informative quickie tour. Thank you.
    However, you didn't seem to notice that the quality of carving of the hieroglyphics on the pharaoh statues is of very poor quality in comparison to the statues themselves.
    This suggests that the writing was added after the statue was made; in other words the statues are much older than the writing.
    Therefore the statues may not be of the pharaoh that they are attributed to.
    So what we see may be yet another case of technology regressing with the passage of time.
    Is this another case of latecomers claiming the handiwork of their ancient predecessors?
    So how old are the statues really; and who made them?

  2. one of my favourite museums. used to be a member and spent there every weekend when I lived in london. by the way, did you notice layered structure of the gigantic hand, what can be clearly seen where it's fractured? looks as if it was plastered with a thick layer of granite! ))

  3. When is the UN going to prevail upon European Countries and the USA to return this 'loot' to their respective countries of origin. Going to museums is akin to visiting zoos to gawk at wildlife! Nations that descended from these Ancient cultures should start a ' WeToo' ' alá Metoo' Movement to claim these treasures that are unequivocally & rightfully theirs.

  4. Nice, love to look at the incredibly created artifacts made of granite and other really hard stone. How the hell did they do it? I don't care if they had iron or even diamonds, even if they did it is astonishing.

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