#Egypt #travel ten Points TO KNOW In advance of COMING TO EGYPT

You’ve got heard EGYPT is unsafe proper? That it is not risk-free to travel right here, permit alone travel right here as a SOLO Woman..?

Fantastic, watch this video clip then make your conclusion.

See you in Egypt

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  1. I travelled to Egypt back in 2015 for a 2 week holiday. Never been there before and was my first time traveling without my family. Egypt was by far the best first holiday destination and i would LOVE to go back and experience more. I absolutely agree with what you said in the first few seconds of this video! The media will only promote what they want to promote! So happy you made this video.

  2. I've booked Sharm el Sheikh in August 2018. Can I get scuba diving qualified over there? Also I've seen that there are many sharks in the area? How safe is it to scuba dive? Thanks

  3. no conclusive info at all, as soon as I heard you swear, you lost all credibility, should have edited that bit out but you wanted to sound cool and did not.

  4. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Egypt.  We are from the USA and we always wanted to visit.  Do you recommend a guide or should we do everything on our own?  We travel extensively and we want to see as much of Egypt as possible.

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