#Egypt #travel Ten Plagues of Egypt

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This was my third time traveling to Alexandria and however this place never ever stop to amaze me. The sceneries are always wonderful. Absolutely worthy of your time & dollars even if it’s just for a just one day pay a visit to. Each and every week healthcare learners in Al-Azhar College, Cairo get a […]


  1. God is so powerful. Luke 4:12.  Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test. I am asking. Why Egyptians are only affected on this plagues not to the Israelites wherein there are on the same place or location. How could you explain that? Do you have explaination on this?

  2. Man never want to give Yah his esteem, there is no scientific explanations for the wonders of the Most High. He is the creator and master of all. Hence he formed man from the dust of the earth. Only Yahuah is capable of such.

  3. Jehovah the God of the Hebrews brought 10 specific plagues against the then World power Egypt. They were specific because Egyptians worshiped more than 740 gods. Each plague was targeted to humiliate a specific god of the Egyptians. To show them that they were just idols and not true Gods. Also you need to do your Bible homework properly if your setting out to disprove biblical fact. 1. Moses was 80 years old when he went to Egypt. You show an young middle aged man. 2. Aaron accompanied Moses on all his visits. 3. The first plague of turning the river Nile into blood. You credit algae with it. But did you know that it was not just the Nile that turned to blood, it was all the water source of Egypt. Even their drinking troughs and in their homes. It all turned to blood the Bible says. While this happened to the Egyptians it did not affect the Hebrews. That’s divine protection. Besides mere trickery and science wouldn’t have fooled the Egyptians. They were well educated. They were good in science and mathematics. They also practiced magical arts/which craft. I.e. when they replicated Moses’s staff turning into a snake. The Egyptian magic practising priests replicated that. But Moses’s snake ate up theirs. There’s ample proof that these plagues were divine. They are predicted in advance and a warning was given to Pharo. Only when he didn’t comply the plagues were brought upon him. Which means they were controlled by god and not a chain reaction of scientific events as you portray. Perhaps you should do a bit more digging before you attempt to take on a project of this magnitude just to tickle a few peoples ears with some creative storytelling. Don’t mean to be rude. Just saying get your facts straight.

  4. The Bible was written by humans. And we have been known to lie since the dawn of time! Humans lie and exaggerate in stories non stop! God didn’t write the Bible!! It was written by people that have passed on stories from ear to ear! Have you ever played that stupid game where u start with a sentence and whisper it in someone elses ear and do that about 10
    Times and you come out with something completely different at the end??? I am not denying God itself but the bible is just a book written by people, not god! So don’t believe everything you read!! Geez!!! You fanatics!! How do you people get proper jobs and all. Stupid!

  5. If scientist think about it how could an ancient man would know the Santorini is erupting which is a thousand kilometers away from Egypt! And the other guy in the film said that the 10 plagues and Santorini eruption is a hundred years apart from each other. Then on the 10th plague is cause by the disease!? How now when we have COVID-19, TB etc. They don't pick on first born right? Diseases is everywhere!

  6. We don't need science to confirm the Bible just go and find yourself how a monkey leads man ….we believe in Yahweh who created the heavens and the earth in just one word and his son the word . we don't need your proof 8f science was so stronger then why didn't you find science and experiments a long back??

  7. Wether there was a red fungus in th water or wether the Nile changed course or Santorini volcano or tsunamis or stressed frogs , they still happened by God's command. This universe belongs to Him and He does with it as He wants. No laboratory or scientist can refute that.

  8. The fact that science explains doesn't discount the fact that it did happen. And why not God uses his creations to effect the plagues? Remember that science explains the world that we live in, the laws, the physics and the mathematics.

    I was just wondering how the "government" of Egypt explained this to the Egyptians… climate change?! Haha!! Isn't this happening now? The outburst of climate changes and extreme weather In preparation of another round of plagues about to happen?

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