#Egypt #travel Strolling Egypts Corniche Waterfront Promenade in Alexandria | 4K 60FPS

We start our walk on the Eastern side of the Corniche, a waterfront Promenade running along the eastern harbour of Alexandria, Egypt. Facing the mediterranean sea, Alexandria Corniche is a very important place where you can see the wonder and beauty of the Egyptian people. Locals as well as tourists frequent it in summer and winter to enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

The western end starts by the Citadel of Qaitbay (built in place of the Lighthouse of Alexandria), and runs for over ten miles. Stretching from Ras El-Teen in Al-Gomrok neighbourhood to Montazah Palace in Al-Montazah neighbourhood, it doubles as the most important traffic artery of the city, bustling with buses, car horns, horse drawn carriages, and even some Tuk Tuks.

Along the walk of the Mediterranean coast, we walk by swimmable beaches, fisherman, and expansive views of the historical harbour. As we walk, you can get an impression of the relaxed atmosphere and lifestyle, as well as the amazing architecture and urban life that captivated so many people to settle in Alexandria during the Nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Most travel guides will say, the most fabulous thing that you can do when you have an Alexandria tour is walking on Corniche.


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  1. what an animated place, I like this waterfront promenade, thanks Joshua for the video 🙂 within this video you said your name when that child asked for your name 🙂

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