#Egypt #travel Stephanie Jarvis French/Egyptian History Interview with Curtis Ryan Woodside

Creator of THE CHATEAU DIARIES chats about French History, Egyptology and running a Chateau. Get to know Stephanie Jarvis more closely, she also answers live audience questions. A joyous virtual visit to Lalande!

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  1. I just discovered Curtis' videos because it was suggested. Wonderful video with our beloved Stephanie Jarvis…I was thrilled with what the women had to say about how much we appreciate our time watching Stephanie. Thank you Curtis. I had no idea you were in SA…Loved meeting your Mother. Loved seeing and hearing Isabel again. She looks so happy..

  2. I can totally understand the down period after your father’s death. My father was my best friend and when he died it was years before I got back, actually had to take an antidepressant for a short period.

  3. Chateau Diaries is fantastic and wanted to add this to the interview and maybe Stephanie will see it, I pray. Do not know where else it would be best, as do not think it would work out in Live chat or her site ,as no one would e ready for the hx I do not think>: I wanted to share something I found a few days ago on Wiki Pedia that would shed more light a little more back in hx of 'Chateau de La Lande.'  (died October 19, 1646) was a Jesuit missionary at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons and one of the eight North American Martyrs. He was killed at the Mohawk village of Ossernenon after being captured by warrior 
    This shrine (Aurisville Shrine ,in the USA the Mohawk Valley where Mohawk American Indians lived) is not far from my home. He was killed at the Ravine area of the Roman Catholic Shrine. there are statues of him and three other Martyrs who did on that very infamous day. 

    Taken from: (Wiki Pedia)

     Taken from:   "The History Of La lande"

    He first recorded mention of Lalande dates from the mid 15th century. At that time the Seigneur of this land was Jacques de Lalande. (Jeane Lalande's brother) His neighbour, Guillaume du Boueix, was brutally murdered. The farm next door to us is called le Boué – could this be a trace of the name of this lord, de Boueix? According to local tradition, he was killed in front of his family whilst on his way to church. He was behind in his tax payments to the Lord of Sainte-Severe, a town 20 kilometres from Lalande. Trying to seek the approval of that overlord, a knight called Huguet de Chamborant took it upon himself to serve ‘justice’. Rather a severe penalty for late Taxes.

    I feel so much this information called me to it the other day and wanted me to know this Saint of the Shrine from many hundreds of years ago who lived at the farm right at Chateau La Lande with his brother, wanted me to know I am drawn to Chateau Diaries but Jeanne or Jacque of the fact the lived on the land and home that was at the same place as the Chateau de La Lande ? That is how I feel. Some kind of connection is there any way? Do not know it all, but it drew me to the site and more information.

    I love Egypt although never have gone and will never do that, do feel that it is a very unique place and so much more is known but yet much not known, about it. Do believe in spirits, as lived in a home with some. But always felt though that dead people are aliens. ( so stupid but I just think some of what we call aliens can show themselves and they can be aliens. Even as a child I knew spirits existed. )

  4. Thank you Curtis. I could not watch this live and have only just got around to watching it. It was absolutely brilliant – a great interview. Greetings and best wishes from the UK.

  5. Have either of you every had past life regresstion ? This is what I do and would love to read you guys . Love Stephanie's Vlogs and happy to find yours Curtis, well do Guys ps: Stephanie your father is always with you Bless You

  6. Curtis you should make a priority to visit Lalande, the two of you have so much in common and I am sure such a great friendship is already in place, you will laugh together that’s for sure, Stephanie is an amazing woman who lives life in the light, in my thoughts a well developed soul, have you ever been to Ephesus, there is a tomb that was built by Cleopatra for her murdered sister. Thankyou Josie x

  7. I suppose Egyptian decor and fashion seems modern to us because it became fashionable in the art deco era, in the wake of the uncovering of Tutanhamen's tomb.
    I am always glad to have a Stephanie Jarvis interview!
    If Maire-Antoinette joins you in the time machine, you will need to be firm with her and insist that she wears 20th century dresses – so she can fit into the machine!
    Thank you for the video!

  8. Can I book a seat on your time machine? Fascinating conversation! Love stories too Stephanie. Studying Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare is like having your own time machine. So much of the characters, sense of place and humour really lives when reading these stories. I love to connect tales and history with real locations. One of my aims is to return to Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire. It transports you back to Tudor times. Can’t wait for your meeting in Pompeii!

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