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Through Egypt we obtain temples and monuments crafted in excess of substantially older sites and generally in numerous layers. Just as we regularly demolish, rebuild and/or renovate our contemporary buildings and homes in excess of the a long time— ancient constructions have been transformed and rebuilt in excess of and in excess of once again on the identical sites in the course of hundreds, if not tens of hundreds of a long time, or a lot more. Yousef ( can take us on a visible exploration of various ancient sites in Egypt, citing the numerous layers of technological and cultural variances. The monuments, artefacts and constructions notify a tale of their possess, most of them obtaining been used and/or quarried for newer constructions repeatedly by diverse cultures and civilizations, for solely diverse needs. Why do we see a devolving degree of craftsmanship and functionality? Yousef speaks about a pre-cataclysmic and pre-dynastic Khemit, a civilization that lived resonantly with their normal ecosystem, with a deep regard for its divine perfection and stability. He remarks on and show irrefutable evidence of their remarkably-superior technologies that he and others have learned at various sites—that leave us with a lot more concerns, than solutions.

Yousef Awyan was born, elevated and nevertheless resides at his family’s house in Nazlet el Saman, which lies just a few meters from the Sphinx Entrance to the Giza Plateau. Yousef grew up listening avidly to his father, Abd’El Hakim Awyan, converse about the secrets and mysteries of ancient Khemit (Egypt). Sharing his passion, he honors his father’s memory by continuing to share his prosperity of expertise and wisdom. He is devoted to revealing, studying and educating the incredible truths of Egypt’s and our collective heritage. Yousef reads and interprets the hieroglyphs, symbols and pictures discovered in Egypt, from a exceptional perspective as taught to him by his father, as nicely as by means of his possess analysis and continual analyze. He is a gifted artist, sculptor and musician. As an accomplished musician, Yousef’s keen ear for sound frequencies and pitch, permit him to tune in and obtain the resonant “tones” at numerous of the sacred areas and chambers discovered at the monuments and temples in the course of Egypt.

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