#Egypt #travel Squash: CIB PSA World Tour Finals 2020-21 – Men's Semi Finals Roundup

Rewatch the best of the action from the Semi Finals of the CIB PSA World Tour Finals in Cairo, Egypt. *Due to travel restrictions to Egypt the commentators are not on-site, so their audio quality is a little lower than usual. We’ve also had to send a much-reduced team, so highlights edits are taken directly from the livestream, rather than manual recordings.

00:00 [7] Mostafa Asal (EGY) v [2] Tarek Momen (EGY)
06:43 [3] Paul Coll (NZL) v [5] Mohamed ElShorbagy (EGY)

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  1. Those blaming Asal for his 'poor conduct' obviously didn't watch the full match to understand the situation. He played clean and fair throughout the match, didn't do much wrong at all.

  2. The Egyptian crowd cheers for Asal. No surprise there. The fact that no action is taken against his behavior, says a lot about the PSA, talking about respect for the game and each other one moment and glorifying victory and perfomance on the expense of these values the next… Shame…
    Asal's a bully. He's an amazing athlete and is becoming an unstoppable player, and that saddens me as it leads to him being the face of this sport for the next decade, and youngsters will grow up imitating his acts… No one likes bullies. PSA needs to take squash away from Egypt as well if that's their new breed of squash players, and did I mention the crowd there?…

  3. If you go back to Asal's junior days, he was allowed to physically batter and bruise his opponent, now he is continuing again at the highest level of squash. Whats worse, is that the PSA is allowing him to use excessive physical contact to gain advantage and behave in such manner that brings the game into dsrepute. This has to stop.

  4. Asal is the Donald Trump of squash…the entertainment value is now beyond the point of diminishing returns. I can no longer award his obnoxious behaviour with my valuable time in hopes that he might adopt an iota of integrity and display some respect beyond the consideration of his own ego. The die is cast I'm afraid…#unwatchable

  5. took a break from psa since start of 2020, all i can say is asal wow… the improvement of attitude shines in his natural talent for the game now, so impressed. wtf that conduct stroke though, ridiculous

  6. I’m seeing a lot of comments berating Asal on playing though Momen. Watch the rally again and focus on Momen’s movement, he consistently blocks Asal and to me it’s quite clear, momen has a tendency to do this when things get edgy or his opponent has got on his nerves. Asal has been punished in previous tournaments for not playing the ball (sometimes rather unfairly) so he decides that it’s in his best interest to play the ball. Momen is blocking him and has no option but to accept the interference and play on. He’s damned if he does (conduct stroke without a warning even) and damned if he doesn’t (no let). I implore you to stop nitpicking at Asal and accept that he’s easily the most entertaining player we’ve had in years. Get used to him because he’s going to be a dominant champion. It’s about time squash was revamped and pushed into the modern era where social media clicks are what drives views. Asal has over 100,000 Instagram followers in less that 2 years. Ultimately if you care about squash and it’s growth then you wouldn’t be complaining because he’s done more for squash in the past 2 years than many have done in lifetimes. This man is a hyper celebrity in Egypt, he gets swarmed in the streets, no player before him has ever had that kind of reception.

  7. Asal is not good for the game, he is promoting dangerous and dishonorable behaviour. If I were PSA and serious about making this an Olympic sport and increasing its popularity, I'd seriously consider sanctioning his oncourt behaviour, before this grows into a new trend among other (younger) players.

  8. To all the people saying they hate Asal. Get off your high horse, everyone use to hate John McEnroe in tennis for the exact same reasons. Asal is an incredibly talented youth, what can you expect from him? There's always going to be arrogant youth. Accept it for what it is and watch his career unfold. Stop being prissy bastards.

  9. I won’t watch the final, I refuse to watch ASAL. Joey , PJ, you seem oblivious to his behaviour ? I’ve been a fan of the tour for 20 years, l can’t watch this man so unfortunately I won’t be watching anymore

  10. I can't believe the stupid comments from the commentators, Asal was deliberately trying to run thru Momen instead of around him, Momen didn't need to move, the PSA needs to sit Asal down and sort him out, if isn't the most hated player on the Tour it won't be long, and that will include other players as well as spectators, at this point I think I will skip any game he plays, and if the refs don't lift there act I might just start skipping these highlights all together. This is not something a sport that is struggling to survive and attract players needs.

  11. Bloody hell it's not rugby. The whole point of the "let/point" arrangement is to avoid these collisions. And he's just using his size to deliberately bash other players. Sure, you can brush past someone if you want to play on, but this guy was full-on slamming himself into the back of Momon. That's simply cheating. The commentators need to up their game, the safety of other players is at stake.

  12. what asal needs is someone bigger and CARELESS in court…he really needs a wake up call from his antics. seldom seen momen n farag pissed off quite this badly.

  13. If this is what squash is turning into eith asals bullshit… guess I can cancel my squash TV… if he continues to improve and becomes world number 1 … him being a face of squash…. im out

  14. I don’t really like the younger players court arrogance, but you can’t deny his squash skills. Just tone down the arrogance………..he won’t win any friends by strutting.

  15. Everybody beating on Asal, but Momen is a crafty player who blocked access to the ball. He deserved some of what he got.

    All credit to Asal for playing through the gamesmanship interference of Momen.

  16. Another day of proof why squash is not an Olympic sport. Thanks PSA and Egyptian organizers for screwing up a great sport, you incompetent fools.

  17. Hate the best of 3 format. Removes almost all physicality from the game, and by the time the match really gets rolling and finds a rhythm, it is over. Clearly favors the more shooting style players compared to the physical, attritional players. I thought the semis were going to be back to best of 5. Bummer.

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