#Egypt #travel Squash: Asal v Mo. ElShorbagy – CIB PSA World Tour Finals 2020-21 – Finals Roundup

Rewatch the best of the action from the Finals of the CIB PSA World Tour Finals in Cairo, Egypt. *Due to travel restrictions to Egypt the commentators are not on-site, so their audio quality is a little lower than usual. We’ve also had to send a much-reduced team, so highlights edits are taken directly from the livestream, rather than manual recordings.

[7] Mostafa Asal (EGY) v [5] Mohamed ElShorbagy (EGY)

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  1. people like Asal only respect power/strength, it's a bit sad, he wouldn't mess with Shorbagy bros or Farag because he knows they won't take his nonsense, but he treats everyone else like crap, and that does not mean he's changed at all. He's usually a douche and I don't believe he's changed all of a sudden because of a big win. And no comparisons with Ramy please. That guy is one of the greatest players of all time.

  2. Have Asal been reading the comments and/or criticism about him? No shouting, no excesive body gestures, humble, respectful towards another player (and a great champion, Flashorbagy).
    Hopefully he'll stay that way from now on… Tremendous player, problematic personality…

  3. Elshorbagy looked tired from the start. The stroke at the end of the third game was just ridiculous, Asal had plenty of room at Elshorbagy's right to get the ball and he did not even make an attempt at a swing at the ball. He just went for the stroke phishing and the ref took the bait, really poor decision. I stopped watching there, that had nothing to do with squash.

  4. 1. Joey its Mous tafa not Moushtafa
    2. Shorbagy isnt himself. No fight in him. To many errors. I don’t know if it was mental or physical for him but that’s not the guy who played Matthew and Ramy. Where is the guy who used to say “ill play at such an intensity that Nick who never sits between games will have to”

  5. today ElSorbagy has so many unforced errors. Dont over rate Asal, only ElSorbagy can earn people respect ! and WTF is different form of tournament compare with other best of 5.

  6. A "champion" in the making…

    Where he learned how to stare to the ref each point, block the opponent, make the squash game opposite of what it should be, fluid and technical, not on getting cheap points.

  7. Since watching this young guy when he arrived on the pro circuit and read everyone's comment about him. Hes a diamond in the rough. Once he starts to sharpen the edge's he will be the nxt khan for a new a generation. He won't be stopped for quite of number of years. Now for world championship to be playing best out 3 games is bs. To pay good money to see good squash i want best of 5 games from both sides. God they to bring back best of 5. 3 is womans tennis

  8. Asal the hurricane… he is his own biggest rival. He is unrivalled with his reach, power and speed. Needs to maintain this level and remain injury free

  9. Wow!!…..Asal wiped out Mohammed. The youth played very well. I didn't see any of the distasteful antics. This is good as he concentrated on playing the game. He totally outplayed Elshorbagy.

  10. Well, I did watch the whole match, and it was still riddled by lots of stoppage, every single decision the players were asking for a review. Asal is irritantly constant at that, he simply can't take any decision against him.
    Other observation is the way he's playing, I am pretty sure he will start to suffer injuries, by throwing himself at every corner (especially like the one at 3:10 ).
    I've been playing those types of players before and it gets under you skin with the extreme intensity in their movement and their behavior. I kind of despise the mentality of "winning at all costs"…

  11. الجماهير ليه واخده على نظام الهيصه
    بالذمة فيه بطوله فالعالم فيها الجعجعه دي
    ما تتفرجوا بهدوء وتحفيز وبس
    لازم الجعجعه ويا ولد ويا بنت ؟؟؟؟
    هي خناقه

  12. Agree with Ron's comment…………….hope it's a permanent change for Mostafa for the sake of the game…….he played very well, deserved to win with a good speech at the end.

  13. It is so rare to see someone break Shorbagy like that and make him quit. Usually it is Shorbagy doing the breaking. Asal is the Beast 2.0 and it is scary to think of how dominant he will be if he can stay healthy and focused. Unbelievably strong for only 20 years old.

  14. Wow…he actually acted humble and professional. Good for him. Please more of the same. Great talent….so cut out the garbage and you can become the best player in the world.

  15. It's like watching Wimbledon being played on a park football pitch. If you cant have a new floor for the world tour finals then it's clear the PSA are skint!!!

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