#Egypt #travel Spirits of Historic Egypt


  1. Thanks for posting. I saw them this year in NYC. Just went searching for it. Wish we had digital HD back then. If YouTube had a better UI/way to really zoom-in on creating personalized channels — playlists are still a bit primitive — I'd be all for creating concert-tour channels, and dedicate my big screen to them… abandon broadcast and cable … and never look back.

  2. True, it is an absurd novelty song, but consider the number of "intelligent" songs that have a very luke warm effect musically, like most of Dylan's and Morrison's… mediocrity masked by literary ambition, an ambition that fails by itself, but is supposed to dazzle us because it's set to half assed music. Springsteen is criminal in my book for his helping to make music unimportant, because he's "saying something". try to stop thinking when you listen to music. Even the dumbest people can't.

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