#Egypt #travel Sound and Light-weight Clearly show at the Pyramids of Giza

Recorded Oct thirty, 2009.

Every day the sunlight sets on the bustling city of Cairo, and the renowned pyramids on the Giza plateau, south of Cairo, are absorbed into the night sky. These colossal buildings are never out of sight entirely, as they reawaken at night through the wonderful Sound and Light-weight Clearly show. 1000’s of a long time have passed given that the Pharaohs walked the Earth, but with your imagination, they will show up right before your eyes. History will come to daily life with each exhibit and provides the audience with a magical expertise of learning about ancient Egypt, whilst staring up at the pyramids.

Every pay a visit to to the pyramids and the Sound and Light-weight exhibit is an enchanting expertise not to be missed. We may well never know just how the wonderful pyramids were being constructed. The Riddle of the Sphinx may well stay a single of the worlds oldest mysteries. We are traveling to the pyramids in the twenty first century, countless numbers of a long time immediately after they were being constructed, and they will continue on to endure for generations. These wonderful towering buildings handle to humble us with their sizing, at the similar time as they testify to the great human spirit that designed them.

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  1. That's why Tombs don't like People … eee wait … I mean , People don't like the Word Tomb !
    What is the Difference between Tomb and Grave ? Grave has the Letter G in it. Maybe that's the major difference.
    🙂 Cheers everyone 🙂 Nothing to worry about except yourselves.

  2. To me this is a childhood dream fullfilled. I was brought to tears in satisfaction and awe. The crazy saving up mission, and the tiring 13 hours flight was all worth it.

    Frankly both the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of Kings look mysteriously better at night.

  3. No one can determine an accuracy into others people's great works that are jealously taken away from them.
    those who has a louder voice and love claiming can achieve nothing than confusion.
    the black civilisation of the Nile valley has been builded into love of the goddesses and gods to maintain balance within existence into existing for one gold,the becoming.

  4. Wow…. They've been showing this same show and same commentary for more than 30 years! Its the same commentary as shown in the James Bond film the spy who loved me! Nearly as old as the pyramids themselves lol

  5. I loved watching the Light show when I visited Egypt in 2007. Unfortunately I was more frustrated with my movie camera to film this wonderful show. Thanks so much for uploading this to YouTube. You have brought back wonderful memories for me.

  6. Yes, I have a VHS copy of the SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW AT GIZA.
    I DO hope you can see the KARNAK TEMPLE SOUND AND LIGHT SHOW down in LUXOR, EGYPT. That one, in my opinion is the best one ! There, at night you get to walk among the ruins of this vast temple as the show takes place in different parts of the temple ! ( I also have the video of this show. )
    Good luck in finding your lost DVD !

  7. I think it's a bit funny how some of the most mysterious structures on this earth probably holding some of the most astonishing mysteries to and of humans is being used as such a tacky tourist attraction.

  8. I've seen this show several times right at the PYRAMIDS OF GIZA and I have a edited video of it that I bought on site ! I NEVER GET TIRED OF SEEING THIS MAGNIFICENT PRODUCTION !

  9. I remember going 2 this it was so beautiful! Btw sorry too the Chinese guy sitting in front off me didn't mean too kick ur chair just that ur head kept moving in the way everytime I went too take a pic or video!

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