#Egypt #travel SKIP THE PYRAMIDS – Come to Luxor! (Egypt 4K)

Egypt will drive you crazy and make you fall in love all in the same day but luckily, our time in Luxor was a refreshing escape from Cairo. It still has it’s difficulties but you will see why Luxor is a great travel destination for most, especially in 2021

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In case you missed what happened in Cairo:

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  1. I really love your videos. I also love traveling.Still, I wonder if everyone would travel as much as you do, then CO2 emissions from airplanes would increase even more and temperatures would rise faster, as would sea levels. I am sure you are aware of this problem. In fact, I even saw that you follow Greta Thunberg on Instagram. So my question is, how do you deal with global warming? What are you doing about it?

  2. Great that you’re enjoying your visit, but looking at all these empty enchanting sites makes me really sad, also don’t get upset with all these people trying to sell you something, it had been months for them now with no tourists and no other source of income, anyway stay safe and enjoy your visit in magnificent Egypt

  3. Sir, please come to Nepal. Nepal is the home of majestic mountains in the world including world highest peak 'Mount Everest'…Nepal is the birth place of light of Asia Lord 'Gautam Buddha'. Nepal is one of the best countries for trekking or hiking. You are the person who believes in the power of moment and trust me Travelling to Nepal to capture its natural beauty can be a best moment of your life.

  4. The amazing thing is that you're seeing some of the most heavily touristed places in the world virtually alone, like you have the access of a Nova documentary and you've gotten to record it all.

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