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As pointed out a short while ago on Coast to Coast with George Noory, sign up for Mohamed Ibrahim and Jonny Enoch for the Ancient Mysteries Tour of Egypt (www.ancientmysterytours.com). Master about the origins of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons, the Hiram Important, the techniques of ON/Heliopolis, and Edgar Cayce’s predictions about the Sphinx. We will also take a look at the concealed symbolism identified inside of the reliefs below the temples and on the walls of the Valley of the Nobles.

This remarkable adventure will include the prospect to attain exclusive accessibility to the Osiris shafts below the Gizah plateau, and the Excellent Pyramid, which Manly P. Corridor described as “SUPREME amongst the miracles of antiquity, unmatched by the achievements of later architects and builders, the Excellent Pyramid of Gizeh bears mute witness to an unidentified civilization which, possessing accomplished its predestined span, passed into oblivion. Eloquent in its silence, inspiring in its majesty, divine in its simplicity, the Excellent Pyramid is indeed a sermon in stone. Its magnitude overwhelms the puny sensibilities of guy. Amid the shifting sands of time it stands as a fitting emblem of eternity alone. Who were being the illumined mathematicians who prepared its pieces and dimensions, the grasp craftsmen who supervised its construction, the qualified artisans who trued its blocks of stone?”

This tour also consists of a stop by to the new Sohag museum. There would not be a uninteresting second as Mohamed Ibrahaim and Jonny Enoch will be supplying lectures the total time on all new research about Moses and the Exdodus concept, how to read through Hieroglyphics, new discoveries in Egyptology, the Key Doctrine and the Atlantis Mysteries, Predynastic Giants and much more.



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