#Egypt #travel Siege of Alexandria 48 BC – Caesar's Civil War DOCUMENTARY

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Kings and Generals’ historical animated documentary series on the Great Roman Civil War (Caesar’s Civil War) continues with the aftermath of the battle of Pharsalus ( as Caesar follows Pompey into Egypt, where he meets Cleopatra and becomes involved in her Civil War against Ptolemy, leading to the siege of Alexandria.

Beginning of the battle of Ilerda and the siege of Massilia:
Battles of Ilerda and Massilia:
Battles of Utica and Bagradas:
Battle of Dyrrhachium:
Why Caesar’s Civil War happened:
Previous episode on Caesar’s conquest of Gaul:
Roman Politics before Caesar – conflict between Marius and Sulla:
Evolution of the Roman Armies:
Roman history:

Caesar’s ‘Civil War’
Plutarch’s ‘Life of Pompey’ and ‘Life of Caesar’
Appian’s ‘The Civil War’
Lucan’s ‘Pharsalia’
Cassius Dio’s ‘Roman History’
Theodore Mommsen’s ‘History of Rome’

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The video was made by our friend MalayArcher ( while the script was researched and written by Peter Voller. This video was narrated by Officially Devin ( The art was created by Nergiz Isaeva.

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Machinimas created on Total War: ROME II engine using these mods:
-ROME II HD collection by Celticus
-Divide Et Impera
-Golden Emblem by Mobayj
-Lux Un Umbra reshade preset by Hazard



  1. march 25 is the 200th aniversary of the greek revolt against the otoman empire , the date was 25 march of 1821! it has many great batles and history behind it ! pls do some videos i would be very happy! and many greeks !

  2. Cleopatra was not beautiful. She was pretty unattractive based off of facial reconstruction anyway. Of course this is based off of present day standards and the eye of the beholder. But not attractive at all in my opinion

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