#Egypt #travel Royal Egypt Tour – DAY 2 – April 2, 2018

In the morning we met our tour guide Ahmed, an archaeologist who will spend the next two weeks with us, sharing his extensive knowledge of Egypt. We started exploring Egypt in Saqqara with the oldest pyramid in the world – the Step Pyramid. Archaeological Paths has arranged for our guests the special entrance inside the Step Pyramid itself – it has been always closed for the public. We also had a chance to go inside the Pyramid of King Unas and take a close look at its unique Pyramid text.

After the sightseeing and lunch, we came back to our hotel to meet Dr. Zahi Hawass. During our first lecture, Dr. Hawass discussed his 20-years of work and excavations in Egypt, including the mysteries of Tutankhamun, the search for the grave of Queen Nefertiti and new findings in the Valley of the Kings. The lecture also included some very new information coming out of Egypt including the mysteries of the Pyramids. Dr. Hawass is currently leading the pyramid scanning project and our guests got to hear the latest news of what can be hidden inside the Great Pyramid!


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