#Egypt #travel Pyramids of Giza Walking Tour (4K/60fps)

Due to the fact there are no main sources concerning the pyramids, any details offered throughout the wander concerning their age and primary functionality is based mostly on idea and not to be taken as simple fact. This was filmed starting off at eight:30am on January twentieth, 2019.

🎧For an even extra immersive working experience, be absolutely sure to place on your headphones and hear in 3D audio.

▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼
00:31 – Walking Tour Map
01:14 – Mortuary Temple of Khafre
02:43 – Pyramid of Khafre
22:21 – Pyramid of Khufu
24:00 – Eastern Cemetery
1:07:10 – Horse Ride Timelapse
1:09:04 – Pyramid of Menkaure
1:29:35 – Khafre Causeway
1:36:forty – Sphinx

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  1. Amazing, thank you for doing all these great walking tours. Always looking forward to seeing more of these! Would love to see more ancient Roman / Greek walks!

  2. I just found you and love your channel. I recently purchased a 4K TV and fiber optic internet. You have a totally new perspective of things . Keep up the amazing work. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely stunning video, I cannot wait till I get there myself in November. The scenery is beautiful, by far the best video of the Pyramids I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Well done mate. Spectacular!

  4. This is the finest video I have seen in since I first began watching Youtube. It is clear that much thought went into its planning. The sound is amazing. It was like being there.

  5. i wonder in 4,000 years from now if our some of our buildings will stand so our future kids can see and say WOW . LOL nothing will stand since we not building nothing memorable anymore

  6. WOW. After watching so many documentaries of Ancient Egypt, not one has made me appreciate the sheer size of of the pyramids as your video just has. Imagine living several thousand years ago and seeing these for the first time. Breath taking.

  7. What amazing footage! I had no idea it was that big. I thought there were just 3 pyramids built on sand! I am absolutely amazed!! I was apprehensive that one of the rocks would fall when you were walking on the close to the pyramid, but like the mountain in Italy, you conquered it! I will watch the 3 videos again for sure! Thank you so much!

  8. Looks as though it's all been under water for a long time, all of it…
    The corrosion of the rock looks exactly like marine abrasion (even the bed rock)…
    To me that bare band under the apex is where the sea level was, and was battered by waves for centuries… And that's why the apex still has casing stone, because it is the highest reaching pyramid by 10 meters…
    Imagine ancient ships sailing past the tip of a giant pyramid… lol

  9. There is no way the Egyptians built those pyramids.
    Those things were built over 10 to 12 thousand years ago by beings that left this planet thousands of years ago.
    Why they built them and how they built them, only they know how and they took the answers with them.
    1:38:04 The sides of the walls have water erosion on them and it hasn't rained in over 10 thousand years to create such a erosion…LOL

  10. So the Khafre pyramid had red granite also for the casing stones or just on the bottom? It seems like the top of Khafre has white limestone like Khufu's pyramid?

  11. These are the best things ever made – but why a gopro? It makes me dizzy all the curving – I just can't watch them. If you used a proper camera I would not only watch them all but tell EVERYONE I know about them. I literally come back every now and then to see if SURELY you eventually have a proper camera. I am SO INTERESTED IN THIS ONE PARTICULARLY BUT I CAN'T WATCH IT WITHOUT GETTING DIZZY! I literally only lasted 6 minutes before I had to stop watching which just breaks my heart. Not yelling here – just trying to make you understand how much of a supporter I would be. Apologies. Alan

  12. BTW, nice video! I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. I contemplated for sometime over what i was going to post. Humanity is done a disservice when the indoctrinated thought processes are repeated over and over again. For example calling these pyramids a funerary complex. The movement in many of these ancient archeological areas is to have the powers that be to reveal the truth and/or independent researchers to find the evidence left to disprove the Big Corporation funded ideology. An incredible amount of information is being withheld from the public and humanity as a whole. Early in the video you mentioned the boat slips, i agree 100 percent that the nile at one time encroached on this area , evidence of water life exists in the soil of the giza plateau. There is also a map of that time period which depicts the pyramids all ready built on giant tree stumps with the nile flowing. In conclusion , a critically thought out narration would have been more enjoyable than repeating what we have been told our whole lives. Which is meant to keep us all in the same box… Cheers

  13. the scenes without those assholes tourists is too much better and looks majestic ,,, those fucking tourists ruined the whole beauty of this great place.
    but thank you for the great footage .

  14. The pyramids were used to bury the pharaoh in. By building the pyramid up so high it was believed the pharaoh's spirit could reach the sungod (Ra) more easily, making the transfer from Earth to heaven more smooth. The use of hieroglyphs were less likely at that time, but there are hieroglyphs inside in the pharaoh's chamber and the entrance. But mostly the hieroglyphs were carved in the temples on the compound around the pyramid. But since we weren't alive back then, I guess we will never really know what's the truth.

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