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Hello Friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Today, we’re going to travel to Ancient Egypt to get to know the mysteries of their pyramids and mummies. But don’t be scared! because they don’t do anything.

As you already know, Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, that’s why they built the pyramids, which were the pharaohs’ tombs. During their construction, there were thousands of workers for a very long time. Before, we believed that they were built by slaves, but thanks to archaeologist’s work, we know that they were built by citizens that worked for salt, wheat or barley. These workers were organised and directed by architects and engineers that made sure everything was calculated and done properly.
Today, we see that pyramids are old, but when they had just been built, they were covered in beautiful white limestone and the tip of the pyramid was golden. I’m sure they were beautiful.

Inside the pyramids, there are tunnels, chambers and secret passageways. And this was where they left the pharaoh’s mummified bodies.

But do you know what a mummy is? A mummy is a person’s or animal’s body that is kept after death. Because Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, they wanted to preserve their bodies, but it was a very expensive process so only pharaohs and some noblemen were able to do it.
The mummification process took 70 days.
First, the body was washed and all its interior organs, except the heart were removed. Then, the body was filled with linen and covered in salt for about 50 days.
After this time, the body was wrapped in bandages and placed in a luxurious sarcophagus. Thanks to this mummification process, many mummies are in a perfect state today, and have allowed us to learn so many things about Ancient Egypt.

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