#Egypt #travel PSA Rewind: Ashour v ElShorbagy – Full Squash Match – 2015 El Gouna Final

Following the unfortunate postponement of the 2020 El Gouna International due to COVID-19; we’ve been bringing you some of the most entertaining matches from previous years of the event over the next past days… to try and help fill that void! Our final selection is the epic 2015 final between Ramy Ashour and Mohamed ElShorbagy #SquashedInside

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  1. I'm nowhere as knowledgeable as the commentators but how is it that I call every video reviewed decision correctly and these two guys get it wrong at the same time. Weird.

  2. 이 경기를 보면 운동경기로 밥먹고 살려면 이 정도 해야하나 싶어서 자괴감이 든다. 보통 운동경기를 보면 야. 나도 저건 하겠다 이소리 자주 하는데 이 경우의 미친 스피드를 보면……. 샷 하나하나 무브먼트 하나하나에 아셔는 물론 쇼바기조차 날이 서 있는 느낌.

  3. Second game, last point, the power of his wrist was unbelievable!! Never ever saw any professional player doing that. Still can't believe the power with such a short swing.

  4. This was such a boring match to watch. All they are doing is hitting the ball hard no tactics nothing. Bullshit. Its so boring watching two people just wack the ball with no tactics while no body can player squash at this time .Post a Gaultier match at least PSA be fair to us..

  5. Will squash ever be broadcast on ESPN and other big broadcasters? If more people knew about squash and had more access to it then I think it would surely be among the most popular sports

  6. Guys this is my favourite match of all time and seeing Ramy make that comeback has always motivated me in some of my darkest times. Not to mention the contagious adrenaline from these guys that just shoots through the monitor! Thank you so much to the PSA for this upload!!!!!!!!!! Stay safe everyone

  7. Great squash but there is evidence that the top players are taking the game further, such as with the recent Canary Wharf final between Elshorbagy and Farag. I'd say the precision is some way ahead of this 2015 match.

  8. Yep, hats off to Ramy – and even more so, considering he had to win about six of his points twice (due to some shaky decisions) – that amounts to half a game. Effectively he won 3.5 : 2

  9. The best squash match I’ve watched. My fave Ramy vs the best since him, Mo Elshorbaghy. Huge influences & pioneers in the sport. The hitting & movement throughout this dual is ridiculous for the most part of the match. Much love for them both. Two great sportsmen at work on display here.

  10. Out 6 months with knee surgery. Wins epic 5th set, ccming back from the dead vs arch rival. Like Roger overcoming Rafa AO 2017. Unforgettable. Amazing comeback from serious injury.

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