#Egypt #travel Proof Of Historic Cataclysm And Advanced Stone Machining In Egypt: Abu Sir


  1. The grooves in the holes does not show the feed rate, it could be anything from the drill doing a little at a time and sitting at that depth for a period of time or abrasive debris between the tube/core drill and the wall of the hole , If it was moving fast, the grooves would be spirals and NOT rings. Think of a Barber pole sign where the colors spiral down. These grooves in the holes are in lifts and separate rings. The rings are caused by the wobble of the core bit when the machine drilling the hole is not Plumb over the surface to be drilled. So the feed rate would be slow, not fast.

  2. Brian (or anyone that knows to a certainty), are "drill" holes all the same diameter?
    These ancient construction sites have a story to tell but nobody has presented what that story could be… and then to see everything just scattered about/toppled over… glazed as-if by exposure to tremendous heat .. what happened? It's not just an ancient civilization, but at least two ancient civilizations separated (seemingly) by incalculable time. what is this, what was this… is it important or just curious… I love seeing the, 'mistakes' vs perfection. A cut that veered off the bead, an abandoned megalithic structure. What the heck is all of this?

  3. The blackening of the stones was not from solar ejection from the sun it was from nuclear/high tech weapons, I'm glad the ancient technology and weapons are gone from the face of this earth. Today's nuclear weapons are nothing compared to what those ancient people possessed that was some dangerous technology from outer space,

  4. I've seen many previous incarnations. I cannot speak of this location but I can tell you that there was wars many times over by use when we were part of advanced alien cultures. Specifically, indigenous people of this planet were sided with rival ET groups and I participated and remember one such attack on a rival structures and their people. I can tell you what we used as well, we had aircraft which in many ways are like modern jets of today but much, much faster. The attack wasn't perpetrated from high altitude, we actually bombed at almost ground level flying in speeds that exceeded the explosions of the ordnance used. So, literally the explosions were stringing along behind as we flew and this was done in a fashion which used many smaller bomb lets. The craft included at least 4 positions, 2 pilots, one bomber and another person who appeared to work or electronic warfare type technologies. The attacks were conducted at extra low level to ensure no counter measure could engage any type of bomb or missile. I know this sounds crazy but its only many of the many things I've seen. These structures are likely part of these conflicts that took place long ago. The Earth is presently moving into the 5th root race to inhabit it and this planet will be vastly different in the next 500 years. By the way we are very close to the 2,000 yr mark of Jesus leaving Earth, no coincidence to any of that.

  5. Not to be a dick! But really? Evidence of ancient cataclysm? The whole ancient world is evidence of giant cataclysm I mean my God this is not a discovery! All of ancient Egypt has been literally obliterated along with so many other sites around the world. This narrative is just too slow and behind the real times

  6. When you find the giant milling machine that was used for what your looking at, then you've done something… On the scale of your observations, and if a machine was indeed used, then there is one hell of a drilling and milling machine out there somewhere….

  7. Where the fuck do you retards come from? Do you come from the same place as the flat earth losers? Are the people that believe in ancient people having machines so useless that they think they only way people long before them could do anything was with modern technology? It's not rocket surgery to figure out how they cut, and drilled, the stone. Sand, copper, and water. Just that simple you mongoloids.

  8. It would require a huge core drill and a drill press….or a wooden tube, some sand and water, no electricity needed. Why is it so hard to accept that ancient societies were able to tasks with simple tools?

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