#Egypt #travel Petra the 'Stupid Tour Guide'

Guides can make or break a shore excursion. Our guide, Abdullah Amra, stepped onto our motorcoach in Aqaba, Jordan to welcome us in broken English. After a few minutes of listening to him stumble through words and point out the obvious (“Jordan very modern, we have traffic lights, red mean stop, green mean go.”) many of us resolved that we could be in for a challenging day on the full day excursion to and from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra. For five to 10 minutes, Amra rambled on. He was certainly funny and his phrasing was even funnier. He told us, for example, that he loved his job and that it paid very well and that he needed the pay to support his seven children. He pleaded with us not to tell his boss that his English was so underdeveloped. Then, the young man exposed the joke, speaking in perfect English to much applause and heartfelt laughter . . . read more at avidcruiser.com



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