#Egypt #travel New Historical Egypt Documentary 2018 Strategies of the Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids have constantly fascinated the earth with their history, mystery, astounding architecture, and style. Given that the dawn of recorded history, they have been an enigma, and this proceeds as a result of to the existing day, with far more guides and papers remaining written about them than any of the other historical monuments in Egypt. Some historians have thrown doubt on the Historical Egyptians ever owning built the Good Pyramids of Giza in its place declaring the monuments could have been built by a shed civilization. So who built the pyramids and what was their purpose?

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  2. the pyramids were not build by the Egyptians, they were build by ancient civilization which the country goes by name Kemet, you people keep bringing this subject because you can't figured out how it was build.

  3. I think the proof the bent pyramid is alien design is a little shaky.. it does however need careful consideration for e.g. the angle exactly matches radar a technology that might go back to ancient egypt itself

  4. Ugh! Same old bullshit theories and opinions that scholars say are true with no evidence. @disclosetruthtv please actually 'disclose' some truth. Unsubscribing already from your crappy lieing channel

  5. Ants built that shit… Just to mind fuck the humans !! Like the scarab GOD Ra!(kephri). The dung beetle can lift 1,141 times it's own weight. Building the great pyramid was easy, a small task for each block. To put this into perspective, if a human had the strength of the beetle, it would be able to lift a 65 ton object. The biggest task was to build them all over the world!!?? There gone now, but their megaliths still stand!

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  9. The most important amazing documentary to hit YouTube in years. Egypt is really important and these guys have put serious effort into exposing the truth about unusual pyramids we never get to see. I really want to go know

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