#Egypt #travel New Cairo City Tour PT1 | Driving In Egypt | Cairo Drive | Cairo Vlog 2021 | Driving In New Cairo

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Our Amazing African Road Trip 2015 (HD) South Africa, Swaziland, Seychelles, shot with GoPro

A visual report of our amazing road trip on the beautiful African continent, filmed in HD. What a beautiful journey. We visited South Africa, Swaziland and The Seychelles. Een verslag van onze fantastische road trip op het mooie Afrikaanse continent, gefilmd in HD. Wat een geweldige ervaring. We bezochten Zuid Afrika, Swaziland en De Seychellen. […]

#Egypt #vacation The Mystery of the Bent Pyramid of Egypt – Component 1 | Ancient Architects

NEW CHANNEL FROM Ancient ARCHITECTS: “Space and Planet” launches this month. You should subscribe now at Every pyramid of Egypt has its very own element of secret and intrigue but the Bent Pyramid is 1 that unquestionably captivates the creativeness. Situated in the royal necropolis of Dahshur, close to 40 km south of Cairo, it […]

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