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  1. Sounds like the expert was trying to convince himself it is red ochre paint by the number of times he repeated himself. He implied that the paint was applied by hand. Two perfectly symmetrical flowers of life design painted by hand? And painted with a magical brush that uniformly maintains the thickness of the paint stroke throughout? The stroke of the paint on the adjacent stone face is not nearly as precise. Amateurish by comparison in fact. Next, is the expert going to tell us that the one-piece granite boxes from the previous video were also done by hand? So advanced technology was used to quarry, transport and cut the boxes but when it comes to art no advanced technology exists…got it!

  2. Academics cling on to utter nonsense as they will not believe the facts staring themselves in the face! Aliens built all these massive structures before 12500 years ago and inhabited the Earth. why do you think these structures are so strong? and you think they were built with wood rope and stone hammers and copper chisels and a thousand slaves? Get Real!!

  3. What a load of rubbish! this was Cleary built by Aliens. Lets see old Father Christmas move these unbelievably heavy stones. the symbols are Alien Hieroglyphs symbolising their unit before the meteor storm that nearly destroyed everything 12500 years ago and they all left the Earth and the Egyptians built on and repaired what was left!

  4. Seems a great initiation … Swimming in between crocodiles…
    Still ..if i must believe what has been told during history lessons at school, the water on the sphynx, the way pyramids have been build and the geology behind the natural environment + the times …they do not match togheter.

  5. Hey Brien and all. notice at the 1:23 mark, the square water and trash filled space, there is a water (?) inlet some kind. Is that concrete that was added later? or is it original stone? what is really shocking is how much Egypt doesn't give a shit about the trash . I've heard that Egypt is really filthy . but what's up with the water inlet ?

  6. actually, it does not take any special space alien technology to work stone/concrete. We do it today with simple tools. Yes and simple drills and cutting tools. NOT banging 2 rocks together. And they also knew how to make molds and "cast" as well. Stone and concrete is not really that hard to work. Yes, melting stone is not that hard either, approx 2000 degrees and a giant magnifying glass will do it.

  7. Has anyone measured the width of the 'scoop marks' to see if they are all the same width? They look very similar in size and basically are a nail in the coffin of the hammerstone theory.

  8. I like how at 6.20 minutes shouting in the background swallows, they are from us. To the method of mining the rock massif – did I think of what to call it, a sound weapon? Nikola Tesla states in his biography that such a device is real, it is enough to tune the scale to the frequency of the mineral (basically the mass is only relatively fixed, we perceive it with our senses, but when we look at it in terms of electromagnetism, they are only waves) and when the instrument is turned on, the mineral literally dissolves before our eyes … but this knowledge must be supported by the practice that we see and the practical results in many places around the world – so global civilization? Definitely yes. Who? No jerks, buildings scattered around the world, on top of the hills, all made of stone. Only those who stay in place for a really long time – millennia – build this. Why ? Maybe he really lives so long and from the point of view of local people then what? – He is immortal. However, over time, the blood thinners and in the end only mortals remain.

  9. There are clearly two quarrying methods at Aswan. The wooden wedge method (well know)…and then the scoops we see. It looks like they used a huge ice cream scoop. In some ways i dont blame academia for the nonsensical dolerite ball explanation. They are as clueless as all of us. Thanks as always Mr F.

  10. Yea well how do you explain the obvious perfection of the pattern? I did not see anyone take a measuring instrument to the work and test of accuracy. I wont say it was done with a laser but clearly the pattern is far to perfect to have just been done by hand. I dont care how good the artist is, there is flat out NO WAY anyone could have painted with such accuracy this pattern! You cant simply say because it looks like ocra paint that it dismisses all notion that it was somehow not done with some advanced tool! Shocked you guys would even make such ridiculous claims without further investigation!

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