#Egypt #travel Mfundishi Jhutimus @ The British Museum, Ancient Egypt, Kemet Decoded. Black History Activity Books

It’s what you’ve been waiting for Mfundishi Jhutimus gives and amazing and insightful tour of The British History Museum. This was the day after the Black History Activity Books Launch 2.0 on Saturday 5th October 2019. Check out my previous videos to see Red pill and Blue Pill and the party who travelled from Birmingham on the coach.. Must watch for some serious knowledge on ancient Kemet.

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  1. What I loved about this was the unity that I saw. No arguing, debating, sizing up, or anything of the sort. It was a powerful unity of students that wanted to learn and be apart of some thing great..I loved it. I wish I was there to experience. Hearing what the people had to say was to awesome. Loved it.

  2. Ptolemy is pronounced ‘tolemy’ since the ‘p’ is silent. But that is the least of your errors and misrepresentations. Egyptian history is not black history. However, I can understand why you are so desperate to appropriate it as you have no notable history of your own. Do you really think peddling all this nonsense is going to achieve anything positive. Stop being victims and grow up.

  3. Makes my blood boil to see the pure knowledge and wisdom of Kemet in such a Vile Bitter Evil Vicious and Nasty place as Britan. Theres nothing Great about that place. The amount of damage that country has bestowed upon African people is unforgivable!!!. They have no business in possession of these beyond ancient artefacts of our people. And if I was in power I would demand each and every statue etc… Back or there would be. Blood.

  4. Egypt Arabs don’t understand anything about Black Kemet African Culture thousands of years ago.
    Freemasons, Rose-Croix (Rosicrucians), or Opus Dei understand this secret religions even higher than the blacks themselves.

  5. Ankenaton was part Hykso. The pharonic lineage was already contaminated by the sythians. He was considered royalty only because his mother was kemau ( Egyptian). The Hyksos never were able to aquire the king making ritual. Until ahmose was able to deport Hyksos to Canaan ( curse of Canaan) it was a false royal lineage. That later shows itself as the Merovingian bloodlines. They were Marauders and many a culture were contaminated by them.

  6. My brothers and sisters thank you for uploading and sharing this experience. Many West African ethnic groups have direct links to origins in the Nile Valley of ancient Khemit. https://youtu.be/dp3ywcf5QdM This video discusses just 4 groups, but there are many more. We Africans in the diaspora and on the continent reunited will reveal the truth of our continent, North, South, East and West and all of its glorious past and unlimited future.

  7. ,
    African Americans, we descend from West and Central Africa. However…
    Black component to ancient Egypt
    .On the left are very tanned complected Egyptians both in the sunlight and darker contrast room. In the middle is Djehutihotep directly from British Museum websight ( assuring no contrast distortions and deliberate outside manipulations). On the right are Southern Egyptians from Aswan and Elephantine in a darker tinted space and in the sunlight — This is not to say the tan type wasn't part of ancient Egypt, but they weren't depicted like Djehutihotep. Orangish, and yellowish tones were also used

    Uhhh yeah. ..



    African perspective

    More in my uploads
    See top pinned comment and it's replies for details


    There's enough info in these link to gauge proper translation of Herodotus and other Greek quotes

  8. Nice teachings about the ancient egyptians, African Americans are West Africans and a Dna test will prove this, learning your real ancestors culture which is great also and stop believing you are some one else.

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