#Egypt #travel Magical Egypt 1 Episode 2 – Old Kingdom and Older Kingdom too!

For June 2019 Only!
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Join legendary Egyptologist and symbolist author John Anthony West for a look at the architectural and cultural evidence of a sophisticated ancient ancestor culture.


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  1. Summerian legends say that Gods returned after the flood to help people, re-built a few sites and left for good. Another legend says a similar thing about people from Atlantis invading Egypt (Khemit) and building the Great Pyramid. Looks like there are 3 stages – original megalithic works, "megalithic" works and repairs after the flood (like the Great Pyramid) and herritage works (dynastic period).

  2. Local tradition says Sphinx is 52000yrs old. 36000 of Zep Tepi+13000 after cataclysm=49000yrs. Something tells me those 3000yrs is the period when rain was falling down on the Sphinx, but there are several questions regarding written timeline. First – if there was a global cataclysm 13000yrs ago there must be a gap in the kings timeline. Is it the "Rule of the Ghosts" after the Gods and demigods left? Or is it the period between mythycal kings and the first dynasty? Is there any gap? It would be marvelous if we could be able to match the time of cataclysm with the Turin Kings List and indicate the exact period when pyramids stopped working and the rain started to fall down on the Sphinx…There is a clear history of devolution with tons of evidence for it. And the devolution was not caused by time but by a cataclysm that wiped the life out from most of the Earth for millenia. We tend to underestimate the scale. We know the story from the Bible but surprise surprise Egyptians have it, Mayas have it, Aboriginees have it, Tibetians have it…if something like that happened it must have taken millenia for people to recover from it and repopulate the planet. While the rain was falling down on the Sphinx and most of the world had forgotten…

  3. If I saw the Saqqara temple and step pyramid sitting on the university of Arizona campus, I would probably think “wow, this is the most inefficient and wildly inappropriate use of school funding I’ve ever seen”, and I would probably think Frank Lloyd Wright got a concussion somehow and forgot about basic weight distribution rules. “Hey Frank, I don’t think you used enough entirely ridiculous granite stone blocks to hold everything up. Ever heard of a rounded arch?”

  4. We went from horse and wagon to the quantum computer in about 175 years. I guess the Egyptians could have done something similar, except that, in our case, languages and religion had already evolved by the time of the iron horse.

    I do think there was a very advanced precursor civilization though.

  5. Ta Seti proceeds Kemet, so Kemet DID NOT spring from nowhere. Also there are cultures further south than Ta Seti. Kemet absorbed all the knowledge from South to West. For Tichitt Walata is in the West from same time of pyramids construction. The Yoruba whom a portion of came from Nile valley their cultural and linguistic traits bearing witness, have a calendar that is 10,000 years old. The study of Bantu Kongo culture surely proves this further. This is why even with decoding the writing much of the art and architecture is misunderstood.

  6. The plain and simple fact that the acient Egyptians built all that you see. But, when is the ? I do believe there is a pre history to before the younger dryad of civilization in these locations. I also give the history of their religions,arts, astronomy.

  7. This guy is ok. He doesn't know enough because he is not Egyptian. So there is to much room for skepticism. If you want the truth listen to the elder Ashre Kwesi, he does tours all the time and he knows the truth for sure but TV lies to everyone. Dont trust TV peace

  8. 18:16 looks to me like the clue as to where an underground entrance to the pyramid is.
    There's a head on top of the pyramid with horns but below I see steps and birds "enlightenment"
    Where each bird stands there's something hidden there?
    The Builder's Records perhaps?
    Drawing a line from the sphinx to great Pyramid at a certain calculation will lead directly into the location of the underground passage I think.
    Anyway just a random thought, I'm not a professional archeologist just a Thinking Human.

  9. I think hes just underestimating anchient man. Im blown away by the stonework as well, but, men are smart. And when there is only stone, like in The desert, you can quickly become good at stonework. What would blow me away more than a perfect stone bowl, would be a plastic one, or a composite one.

  10. Joe Rogan influences tens of millions of people its amazing how one man can bring us all together through a common interest. Truly a cultural phenomenon. He is the closest thing to an objective journalist that we have in our time.

  11. Sometimes they are too smart for their own good. I’ve build things for people. Things that have a function. However, many of these designs had custom features that detailed the work nicely. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that rounded corners were just that, rounded corners. A display of abilities. A feature enjoyed by the designers or who it was made for

  12. I’m not saying we know everything about ancient Egypt, but JAW is being a little disingenuous here when he shows an ERODED 5000 year old mud brick tomb/mastaba and then shows perfectly preserved stone columns. If you were to see how the mastaba actually looked when it was completed and then imagined that stone work a few hundred years later it’s not such a stretch. As for the stone jars here is a
    video of a woman making a stone jar out of primitive tools https://youtu.be/kEsrT9xet5k (actually very impressive).

  13. SOUND ALCHEMY Documentary – Hermetic Sound Science – Egyptian Roots of Modern Sound Healing

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

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