#Egypt #travel Luxor Temple

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#Egypt #vacation Dropped Historic Engineering Of Egypt: Abusir 2017

Not a place you most likely read of, Abusir is a very important historical Egyptian web-site around the Giza Plateau which has Quite a few high-quality case in point of software marks that could only have been performed applying state-of-the-art technological innovation. Sign up for us in March 2018 and see them for yourself: resource […]

Best Kruger National Park Safari, South Africa

– Best Kruger National Park Safari, South Africa. This is just a short video of one of the Best Kruger National Park Safaris, in Kruger Park South Africa. The video was filmed and edited by Brendan Goldberg. In Brendan’s own words – “Kruger National Park Safari. Filmed and Edited by Brendan Goldberg, This was a […]

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