#Egypt #travel Karnak Temple – Luxor Egypt – Walkthrough – Amun – Amun Re – Lost Ancient Technology or not?

Karnak Temple – Luxor Egypt – Walkthrough – Amun – Amun Re – Lost Ancient Technology or not?

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Song heard in the video -Mysteries of Amun – Part 1 The Meeting, Part 2 The Age Of The Ram, Part 3 Hidden Forever by Lucien Nocelli.
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Hey guys -Lucien here!
This video walk-through at the Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt. We specifically were there to check out evidence of advanced ancient machining in Egypt. The idea is that either the Dynastic/Pharaonic Egyptians possessed some type of high-speed machining capabilities/power tools, used in construction throughout Karnak Temple’s old/middle Kingdom sections of the Temple or they were constructed by Ancient Civilization X2. See for yourself the power tool marks and evidence of ancient machining! This is for you guys to decide!

The Human Truths Network Channel is about the combining topics of Human Origins and Alternative History in the non – fiction form. It is solely pertaining to an alternative history that shaped and brought humanity as we know it, to existence. It is presented in a different way than how we are usually taught on this subject. So in the nutshell; it is about Humanity and our origins involving an advanced pre- Mesopotamian and pre – Pharaonic civilization as well as the timeline of events ever since.

I have personally researched and studied the ideas presented on this channel for over 40 years. I was never satisfied with Human Evolution in the scientific sense (the normal study of human evolution in all related fields) because many ideas from the Archaeological record, Genetics, Paleoclimatology, Human Cranial Morphology, and many other related areas — excuse my musician lingo -JUST DON’T JIVE MAN! The Old Testament, Sumerian texts, the Sumerian King List, Egyptian texts, Hindu Vedas, ancient texts of East Asia, the Mayan as well as many others ALL wrote about the same Gods and Goddesses that once roamed the Earth. These are the same in each culture but have and were identified and worshipped with different names. These Gods and Goddesses could have been the members of this very Ancient Civilization (I like to represent as the Ancient x2 Civilization) in my opinion they preceded our current species of Humanity (genetically) before the great catastrophe 11,500/13,000 years ago.
As stated earlier, this is way before what normally was thought of as of the first civilizations that we have on record, as in the Kings of Mesopotamia and the Pharaohs of Egypt.
Ancient Khemit was the area we now know as Egypt. This Ancient x2 Civilization built such monuments as the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and possibly built or taught/influenced other Ancient Civilization x2 cultures.

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Yousef and Patricia Awyan specialize in Ancient Khemit (very ancient Egypt) in which hold the traditions of Hakim Awyan ( Abd’El Hakim Awyan) -wisdom-keeper of the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. Through the detailed teachings of Hakim Awyan and Egyptologist Stephen S. Mehler, we get a more clear picture and visual of a time way before recorded history.
Yousef is a master stonemason as well as an ancient wisdom keeper of ancient Khemit, passed down from his father, Hakim Awyan.
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For a full understanding of Ancient Khemit- check out books by Stephen Mehler! Stephen’s knowledge brings the teachings of Hakim Awyan to the forefront!
Stephen S. Mehler

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  1. Hey Bro, I miss all you guys so much it hurts , I agree seems like yesterday aye, I can't actually shake the desire to return and look with fresh eyes…. (check out this video on youtube..MAGICAL EGYPT DID THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS EXPLAIN THE BIOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN ANCIENT ART) (can't seem to share the link) This will add a whole new pallet of colour to the black n white sketch, Great vid Bro

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