#Egypt #travel Karnak Temple, Egypt & John Anthony West Tour

I chat for a few minutes introducing a 12 minute+ tour of the famous Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, ancient Thebes, by the late great John Anthony West.

Full video – John Anthony West in Karnak – 2015

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  1. I'm not convinced the Egyptians of the bronze age had much knowledge at all. There is a lot of evidence that they did not, including there language records, their known building techniques, and also the records of contemporaries.
    Either they built the majestic structures, and kept everything about those engineering marvels weirdly secret, or else they were primitive people living amongst the most spectacular ruins on earth.
    Herodotus went to Egypt and asked all the wise men about how the grand things were built, and they told him a bunch of speculative nonsense, convincing him that they had no real idea. Could such secrets have been lost, in the 1500 years between the old kingdom and the Roman Empire?
    I doubt it.

  2. I double Thutmoses III defaced her shit. There's a giant obelisk with her name carved in it. The idea that they defaced all her shit and then decided to cover her name up by building an enclosure around it, is prob the dumbest bs you can come up with. They shits still there for everyone to read…oh wait nobody except a select few could read. You fool need to get your bullshit stories right.

  3. Hey Chuck, hope you are good my friend? Hear Vegas getting ready to open back up? Anyway I just wrote Matt a detailed description of the "Narmer Palette." Since I write often to you about things related to it I thought you might be interested in another helping of my verbal diarrhea? Sorry to do this if it pisses you off? I mean well and I think this interpretation will turn out to be seen as true in the end by everyone in the community. Orthodox and LAHT. Thanks buddy take care, A.

    Forwarded message:

    Hey Matt, Sorry to make a comment not related to the video. Is there a better platform for us to communicate? I will make this fast.

    This is the meaning of the 'Narmer Palette':

    Ok the registers move sequentially and do refer to specific events and that become symbolic. Story begins on the "Smiting Pose" face of the object.  

    First though….the top registers, on both faces with the bull motifs and 'serehk names,' is just like we see pictured elsewhere. The bulls, 'Bat' or 'Hathor' or even 'Isis' appearing in her bull form, are related to the four cardinal directions and/or the four "pillars of the earth." Just like we see elsewhere, no need to cite u examples, correct? This just sets 'Narmer' as king of all the lands of the world. It's a 'grand title marquee' or something?

    All other registers are sequential. This also maybe a sign of the "Ra or Sun-Disc Theologies" creation concept as opposed to the later 'Nepthys' Sky Goddess, Milky-Way thing, of the later 'M.K.'s' 'Osiris Cult?' But I digress….

    2nd Register 'Front Face':

    1.) Narmer begins his conquest wearing the 'Hedjet' of Upper Egypt.  

    This same white crown is seen, in artwork, all the way to Anatolia. Maybe evidence of an earlier incarnation of a Middle Eastern Empire existing previously and leaving its universal symbols behind after a 'dark-age/'intermediate period'? They say there is no archeological evidence? B.s…..I have seen it. There is a set of artifacts specifically tied to the motifs we see on this 'palette' and others. They are said to be 'amulets' dated to between the "Naqada I" and "Neqada II" periods. They are in the Garstang Collection. They look nothing like the dopy fish 'palettes' and the fat 'hippo' that looks like my kid brother made it at his 2nd grade art class.  

    …They standout….  

    Two snakes or 'seropod' heads facing each other, like fists. They are said to be birds…b.s. This looks like shit out of fucking Conan…I'm serious and I'm talking Conan the Barbarian not stupid Conan the Destroyer here! So anyway there is archeological evidence for this theory, and man or woman when you see these artifacts next to the 'fish palettes' you will fee the testosterone and dominance over a passive 'aquatic-marsh people.'

    2). Narmer takes Lower Egypt with the famous 'smite pose.'

    Yes he is gripping the head of a Northern Egyptian passive marsh man. Yes he is about to crush it with a ceremonial mace also. And to let people know where this is taking place……drumroll….just as you called it Matt. In front of the "Great Sphinx" complete with man head at this early date. Yes that too is the Horus falcon snagging the head, of the 'Sphinx' with a harpoon. This is very important. Also we see no Pyramids? Strange…if you were going to show the 'sphinx' then you would defiantly show Pyramids if they were there? I don't necessarily care for the ramifications of that statement..we will leave it for now.

    The Horus vs. Seth mythological cycle is key to interpreting the 'palette.' First off 'Set' is chaos, destruction, the guy across from Horus on the 'Teeter-totter of Ma'at,' the evil uncle, the pederast and all kinds of other bad stuff but he is also key to 'Ma'at" because the old and 'un-useful' must be destroyed and broken-down so it can be reused to build more order and new creation….you know all this….it is pretty obvious that they are basically just saying, with this belief system, that it is ok to rob and quarry the ancient sites to reuse the block for new structures right? I digress again…. Okay the other thing 'Set' always, freaking always represents is foreigners….this is KEY.

    Anytime 'Set' is associated with a place, or Egypt is ruled by 'Set,' or part of Egypt is ruled by 'Set' or believers in 'Set' are coming….that always means foreigners…I think this is Egyptology 101 but I'm not sure?

    …..oh yeah and so that's Horus taking the 'Sphinx' for 'Ra.' We know it's the 'sphinx' bro…just as you said…the hole in the back, where the natural fissure runs, and that 'Saite' dude dug his shaft, was used, at one time, to hold some kind of arrangement of stylized papyrus plants to represent the 'North?' I think later they dugout the hole, in its head, to place the 'Sun-Disc' in a similar display?

    Bottom register, 'front' side:

    3.) We see a small walled city taken and a couple dudes put to flight or killed?

    This is probably securing the flank and mopping up anybody left from the grand empire that once existed in the Sahara, when it was wet. Yep…this is the securing of the nomad bandits of 'Libya' before 'Narmer' rides out to take the whole thing….that's right the Sahara was probably once "Eden." I'm not a weird Christian or anything…I am spiritual… but I just mean metaphorically that the Sahara was the original garden birthplace of modern Homo Sapiens. The desertification of it is probably a collective memory mythologized as expulsion?

    Top Register, 'reverse' side:

    4.) Same as first paragraph, see above.

    2nd Register, 'reverse' side:

    5.) 'Narmer' rides out, wearing the newly won 'Deshret,' with his scribe/translator/guide that knows the peoples, languages, and locations of import in the 'Levant' and the 'Tigris' and 'Euphrates' region. This is signified by the 'rosette' form by the head of the supposed "Sandel Bearer."….what type of badass warrior takes his "Sandal Boy" to war? This is Circa 3199 not 1999?… J.K. Prince, RIP….Anyway that's a guide bro.

    So first comes guide, than 'Big Deshret Narmer,' then his general leading the troops, then his Goose-Stepping Storm Troopers carrying their 'regimental standards,' representing their separate divisions/cohorts, or the god's whose cult centers exist in the towns from which they were raised, or the animal that they fight under or something like that? Very fascist.

    They then kick-ass, chew bubblegum, and hack off everybody's heads and manhoods and lay the bodies out in rows because they killed so many.

    6.) Above the the bodies we see a key piece of mythology that helps us 'determine' or is a "Determinative" just like the 'Horus Falcon' harpooning the 'Sphinx' was on the other side. This shows the fight between 'Horus' and 'Set' when 'Set" turns into a hippo and 'Horus' harpoons him to finally beat 'Set' and force him to a truce. That is what is happening below with the enemy soldiers that had to die to win the peace.

    There is no 'Osiris" yet. That does not come till later people. Thats 'M.K." stuff you really need to get that through your brains…..!

    3rd Register, 'reverse side':

    7.). The intertwined 'seropods' with handlers forcing their necks to join while still staring fiercely at one another.

    A symbol seen repeated on sculpture, reliefs, artwork all over the Middle East. It represents the joining of 'proto-Egypt' and 'porto-Summeria' into a truce or alliance or peace? I do not believe the two empires were directly intertwined but I do believe the royal families from both would intermarry frequently and that their existed a very close give and take relationship between the two kingdoms. Maybe something akin to the state of the Empire after Diocletian split East and West, perhaps?

    Bottom register, 'reverse' side:

    8:) 'Narmer' symbolized by a bull demolishes a major walled city like Ur, Jericho, Byblos, Akkadia, Babylon or someplace pretty major.

    This again shows that this was a victory for 'Ra,' 'Horus,' 'Narmer' and the 'Khemtian' people. It was a truce won from 'Set' not forced upon them by 'Set." Last thing, then I am sure you are tired of this….We may want to consider that the Myth Cycle called "The Battles of Horus and Set" are a kind of history of these events preserved in Myth and passed down?

    Okay buddy, I hope you read this and see that this will be found to be pretty close to what we learn happened in the end? If you like any of these ideas please write me back or respond with videos, either way? Same thing with any criticisms…Please let me know…by being proven wrong my ideas grow and become better.

    Write again sometime, hope to take a break from these long posts but sometimes the Muse literally takes me and I can't stop till I get it all out like Vomit…lol.



  4. Does he think they have some magical way of knowing about prehistoric plants that is vastly different from us? Isn't it more probable that they found fossils or the interpretation of the wall relief is wrong?

  5. Interesting that it coincides with roughly the beginning of the age of Ares/Mars. I seem to remember reading that Ra=Ram. Maybe that explains the ram-horned statues and the growing popularity there. It could have been a temple built to introduce the age of Ares.

  6. Thank you and Carlos for taking us on this tour of Karnak with John! He's got so many fascinating stories leaving behind an amazing legacy. Just hearing the name Karnak reminds me of Johnny Carson doing his routine as a Swami tapping into the energy of Karnak to give his predictions.

  7. it is very likely our current status of living culture is very much unevolved by comparison.
    they achieved things , that we do not have the technology or will to do so.
    we are looking at the ruins after thousands of years of repeated pillaging and destruction, and the carcass is still amazing , what did it look like in its prime ?

  8. obviously they could have constructed something much smaller and easier.
    it would appear their building had an emotional and mental purpose behind it.
    mental states it appears were important to them.
    it's been hypothesized they used ayahuasca, and those experiences influenced their culture.
    it is also obvious they weren't primitives .

  9. Those Rams look like a stylized kind of Keruvim (כְּרוּבִים). They have a lion's feet and are accompanied by a human male presence. I would be curious about what the rest of them looks like.

  10. As a musician I get tired of hearing the "tuning of rooms". Now if every room was tuned to the same pitch that might be impressive. However any room that has the ability to bounce sound off by itself will have a harmonic frequency. In high school, the gym locker room was a b-flat, it would just hum with sound. Give me more, as opposed to a rocky room with a harmonic frequently.

  11. JAW was the catalyst to my "great awakening".. a genius and a great humanitarian, he knew the right questions to ask, and found the right people to answer them, understanding that collaboration is the key to unlocking any door. He simply "read the writing on the wall" to expose the myths of modern day Egyptology, and took many hits for it. He is so deeply missed.

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