#Egypt #travel John Anthony West ~ Sphinx Enclosure Tour – Erosion & The Lesson Of Egypt

Keeping the memory alive. I intro the late-great John Anthony West on a tour of the Sphinx Enclosure. He talks R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, , a pre-history of dynastic Egypt, Robert Schoch, Sphinx enclosure erosion , some humor and old kingdom repair blocks. And the “lesson of Egypt” Recorded in 2013. Full video link below.

John Anthony West in The Great Sphinx – 2013

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  1. Thanks Chuck, I have Serpent in the Sky now. I have 4 of Brien's books now also. Picked up Chris Dunn's lost tech of egypt book too. I'm trying to build a library. If any quakademic wants to debate me, I'll have the books, just tell me the page number and we can discuss it. Talk the talk, walk the walk. "There is one thing greater than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come."

  2. Thanks for this tribute to the great John Anthony West, Chuck ! All is said about the respectable age of the Sphinx thanks to this short and humoristic presentation. It is definitely all about common sense, simply said.Having strolled at numerous occasions the lenght and breadth of the Giza plateau, I can only confirm that even the non expert layman inevitably gets impressed by the strong process of erosion which did not spare any local rock formation, whether natural or man made (a perfect example is the western perimetric wall of the Pyramid of Khafra). Just as Mr.West mentioned, water has been flowing down the plateau to the place where the Sphinx is located (the vertical drop amounts to an average of 30m – 300ft on an approximate length of 800m-1/2 mile). And there must have been indeed quite large quantities running down the walls during extended time periods to cause such marks. The last time it rained that much on this region of the Sahara is during the so-called "African Humid Period" between 8000BC and 3900BC. From that date onwards, the Giza Plateau was submitted to the same dry desertic climate we and our ancestors are familiar with since centuries. Aren't the logical conclusions one can draw about the age of the Sphinx self-evident ?

  3. I was lucky to know John over several years when I lived in Luxor, go on one of his last visits inside the Sphinx enclosure and be shown in person the elements that gave him his theories of that place and theories at other sites. I chanted with him inside the Red Pyramid, and carried his bag at Aswan. What I learned about Schwaller de Lubicz led to my discoveries of The Temple of Woman in Malta, and that the Temple of Man in Luxor is actually the Temple of Min, and other discoveries now documented in other researcher's books.

  4. That's interesting. But then too erosion would have undercut the sphinx. So then too what you see isn't all there is. It's under the sand. I tell you that enclosure was a pool filled and drained by the tunnel system. The entire complex is a hydro power plant but not like we use today.

  5. What do you think about the subjective angle of this theory bearing in mind Schwaller was a theosophist – Schoch was influenced by his Rosicrucian (theosophical society) Grandmother who showed him books from her library from the age of 5? In fact – nearly all of the mystery history 'celebs' have some sort of theosophical (or other cult/brotherhood) ties. Does this make a difference to you at all in how you perceive these theories? Genuine question, as I have reached a bit of a dead end with my research into lost civs – basically it's taken me to Blavatsky…and there seems to be nowhere else to go.(edit: ok – there are still many mysteries of course – but I feel that so many have been entangled in a narrative that stems from theosophy – so there is a lot of untangling to do imo.)
    Even John Anthony West's own 'the traveler's key to ancient egypt…' is published by the theosophical publishing house 1995.

  6. Not a religious person but something just stick,
    All the streams flow into the sea, but the sea is not full, and to the place where the streams flow, there they will flow again. In memory John Anthony West

  7. Thanks for sharing John Anthony West and his wisdom about history truths. I would really love to have your various google Earth co-ordinates of various sites to explore. I enjoy freze- frame and looking up you videos coordinates. Really interesting history. I bet these various ancient sites correspond more and more to various historical writings we discover from bible to ancient texts, myths etc as you and others are educating us. I thought Spanish shipwrecks I worked on from 1600's were old but wowza what a fantastic story the last 120,000+ years of our human civilization history is! Blessings to all who contribute to our greater understanding.

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