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Joanna Lumley embarks on a childhood dream to travel the length of the Nile river, from the Mediterranean to its source. In this first episode, she travels from (what is now a modern city) called Alexandria to Cairo. Whilst there, she visits Cairo’s famous bazaar and takes a camel ride through the streets to visit the pyramids at Giza. From Cairo, she then takes the overnight train to Luxor in a first class coach with a very nice sleeper bed. Once there, she embarks on a Nile cruise ship to Aswan. The ship is also quite luxurious and gives her beautiful views of the river and life along its banks.

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  1. This brought back memories of our Egyptian Nile trip, and there is nothing to compare, alongside the Egyptian History, visiting the Karnak Temple, The Valley of the Kings………..zzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Here because of her Silk Road Adventure on Netflix! Elegantly charming, with a great sense of humour, genuine kindness and great social skills. Love her so much ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I just love Joanna Lumley's documentary style. I've watched her travel series on Netflix where she did Japan, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Silk Road. Joanna has kept my dreams of travelling again so much alive in spite of the pandemic!

  4. Теперь я знаю двух таких женщин. До сих пор мне нравилась Аманда Лир; теперь к ней присоединилась и Джоанна.

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