#Egypt #travel Is Egypt Safe for Travel? | What to expect when you go

Everyone wants to know “Is Egypt Safe?” It was the most asked question when I made my trip announcement and so I wanted to report back and show you what I saw and learned about Egypt travel safety, what really annoyed me, and also what the local perspective is. Open this up to learn more ↓

In this video I breakdown why people automatically assume Egypt isn’t safe and open up about my actual experiences from doing two separate trips to the country whether it be the Pyramids of Giza, the local streets of Cairo, driving in the city, tipping culture, camels, and what souvenir shopping is like. At the end of the day, I answer, “is Egypt safe to travel” and overall Egypt safety.

– The Egypt travel feels –
– How a full 10 days in Egypt is like –
– Dahabiya Nile cruise walkthrough –

Is Egypt safe? (THE FULL DETAILS) –
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  1. The experiences are totally different. One thing I can agree upon is safety. I felt safer there as a woman than here in the states. No worry of muggings or rape. I would advise to blend in and respect the dress code, that is if you travel alone and staying as long term residency. Personally I found the hustling extremely annoying. Please peoples of Egypt… chill on the harrassment. Not all Anericans are wealthy. This is a misconception. Many of us had to really struggle to save for traveling to Egypt. We must set a proper example. Salaam alaikum

  2. Skip those cringe camel rides its so unnecessary just for that one instagram pic you want to upload.. its the same with elephants in indonesia, hire the best and most honest guide out there is Yousef Awyan, he wont give you any bullshit scholar story of the megalithic structures you come to see and he will show you some real gems!

  3. Egypt has become overrated..After a revolution, nothing is the same, less tourists, pushy sellers, annoying vendor shops, more hustlers and so on..Glad i was there in 2006 before everything was more normal.

  4. I've been to Egypt many times and have always felt safe. My last trip I stayed in a small village on the west bank of Luxor for 2 months. Vendors can be a hassle, mainly at the popular sites, but they are not threat to your safety. Just say no and walk away.

  5. One of my favorite countries I've ever visited. Incredible history, culture, food, funny and friendly locals etc. I hope it becomes like a Bangkok where seemingly half the population are tourists. They have the culture and combination of culture, relaxation, good weather, good food etc to support it.

  6. Thank you, I will make sure things you didn't like are heard by the ministry of tourism and I hope soon something can be done about it. Just a tip, if you dont want people to hassle you just answer them with arabic and say "shokran".
    You are welcome back anytime soon 🙂

  7. Best video about Egypt that i found on yt… I like the tone of your voice and how calm you talk about your experiance… You got a new sucriber sir… Best of luck from Serbia

  8. We're truly sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with the local sellers, even us as Egyptians face these types of issues around not only the tourists.
    As actual locals you won't face these issues, everyone will smile at your face and we just want you to stay more at our place, people thinks that Egypt isn't safe and that we are so aggressive and we carry guns meanwhile the fact is, we want more tourists and more people like you to enjoy your staying at the country of civilization.
    Thanks buddy and I bet you heard it a lot ( Welcome to Egypt )

  9. The best criticism i have ever heard so far
    After all i can tell
    Every thing is going to be solved too soon
    A new division of police is called tourism police is being instituted at the time
    I think that this will solve most of the points you proposed

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