#Egypt #travel Inside Djoser's Step Pyramid (Assassin's Creed: Origins; Ancient Egypt Discovery Tour)


  1. Step pyramid is waaayyyy younger than Giza three!!! Can't you see the stone work is pathetically placed compared!!??? Angles all diff on the main three yet fit perfectly! Granite cut cores even more irregularly cut yet fit perfectly with not a hair going between joins.

    The step pyramid is crap compared!!!! Blocks stacked on blocks and if you've ever been you will see it's a desperate attempt to copy. Oops fail! Not the first lol lol

    Also see "stones of Baalbek"

    Also polygonal walls all round the world i.e. Peru, Easter island etc etc

    Even the serapium (excuse spelling) or granite walls the osirion. These were built by the great pyramid builders. Not the step pyramid lol.

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