#Egypt #travel How were being the pyramids of egypt really created – Part one

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When design venture supervisor Chris Massey established off on a shock vacation to Egypt it appeared he was in for a enjoyable time – a cruise down the Nile, a scorching air balloon ride about the Valley of the Kings, sunbathing by the Red Sea and guided excursions of the most breathtaking ancient buildings in the environment…

But anywhere he seemed, he observed problems with the perceived knowledge on how the pyramids, temples and tombs of the pharaohs were being created:

If limestone blocks were being dragged up a mud brick ramp to be placed at the best of the Good Pyramid, the place is the evidence of this large ramp? How could resources these types of as wooden rollers and mud bricks get the strain place on them by tons of stone? Thousands of adult males are intended to have dragged the developing blocks across the desert in the searing heat – how did the ancient venture supervisors maintain morale up among the dusty and weary workforce?

Undoubtedly there must have been an a lot easier way? Massey seemed about him and observed the biggest useful resource accessible to the Egyptians – the waters of the mighty Nile.

This partaking account is the final result of Massey’s pool-facet ponderings, in which he provides a detailed different concept of how the ancient Egyptians could have made use of h2o to their edge to make pyramid developing much a lot easier.



  1. I laughed so hard while watching this, as did every Pharoh rolling over in there grave !! If this is your lifes work thats really really unfortunate. Everyone knows they had levitation powers !

  2. This is one of the most interesting videos I've seen on building the pyramids. I don't know if anyone has put this to the test, but I believe it's possible. I read some of the comments. All negative, but unless you guy's helped build the pyramids. Anything is possible. Thanks for the video enjoyed it. Also it wasn't giant's or aliens.

  3. Some interesting ideas, but….
    As Limestone density is about 2,5 the floats should have at least 1,5 Times the volume of the block. And for granit blocks, floats should be much largeur : d=2.7.

    Also you dont explain how they could have filled a several dozen Meter High shaft with water. And you forgot that the water pressure at the base would be dozens of bars, and that is unbuildable when you dont have metal tubes strong enough to withstand this pressure.

    But i like the Idea to float the blocks to the pyramid.

  4. Except We haven’t seen any leftover building tools related to the pyramids, They never mentioned how they did it on pyramid’s wall writings, They mentioned far less important things, And as massive as that event, they should have mention it too! but they didn’t, And it’s really weird to find the height of the great Pyramid of khufu is about the same distance from earth to the sun, all of that showing they reached knowledge and kept it secret, Maybe something about gravity field.

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