#Egypt #travel Historical Egypt Stone Masonry Has the Big Mystery of the Pyramids At last Been Solved

Did you know there are however rituals taking location in the chambers of the Fantastic Pyramid or that the recent background we learn may perhaps not belong to Egypt? Obtain out how they developed the pyramids were being developed. Glimpse at the polygonal stone masonry of the Fantastic Pyramid, these were being not made with instruments that we know of, it would not make sense.

Was these stones forged? Historical mortar can be conveniently viewed concerning the stones. The components needed can conveniently be observed in the surrounding area. There is substantially much more to Egypt than fulfills the eye! This movie will aid you piece collectively what actually took place.


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  1. Work on your typed English. You come across as an intellectual yet you don't even revise you own writing and post a mess of a description lol. I'd also say that the thumbnail in your video is more interesting than the actual video zzzzzzzzzzz

  2. FINALLY TALKING ABOUT GEO-POLYMER !!! FINALLY !!! Welcome to the New Age.
    So many people will have to face.
    Aliens !? What a Joke !!! That's why Egyptians are silent and Americans and all none Muslim countries are crazy about UFOs and Aliens.
    They still do not understand that We Humans are the only ALiens that Exist !!! and it is called Human Being ! Welcome to earth if this shocks you. Adam and Eve was not a Fairy tale.
    I believe the hole on top of the head of the sphinx was made either by ancient Egyptians or later on but for some kind of rosecrution purposes. I believe that there was a riddle to solve even back then and maybe even back during the time of Ancient Egypt.
    The riddle of the Sun and the Sphinx and its relation to a human.
    It would make sense to put a compass there or maybe just water, and a magnetic needle on a paper. and That ! is using Natural stuff… it makes sense to me. These 3 Pyramids Were representations of 3 Schools. the 3 Religions we have today.
    Just as all sciences were all together in 1. Well That's how they made the Ichin ! They probably knew the 3 religions but with different details. The sphinx is a marker for border line. Then after that , everything becomes lines. that's how you get introduced to ley lines.
    The sphinx separates the 3 Pyramids. The sphinx forces people to think. if it wasn't there… the pyramids would be without a main message.

  3. this is only like the second video Ive seen that explores the theory of geopolymer and poured stone being used in ancient eygpt , and I do agree If it doesnt involve aliens most people do tune out some very plausible and possible explanations . It does not take any of the magic of these buildings away in my mind , Great video I should of gone to bed an hour ago but cant turn away !

  4. Not interested in what "Bulgarian researcher, the new Earth lady" has to say. You have offered large numbers of speculations, sourcing them only with "she stated", "she asked", and similar attributions. You never offer any substantiations for any of it. Do you think this is the way that knowledge is advanced? You are not a serious person, just someone who is propagating rumors and speculation. I'm not having anymore of it.

  5. IMO They are stealing and destroying all ancient artifacts so the truth doesn't come out(what ever the truth is) Remember when al qaeda destroyed all those statues and artifacts in the 90's?..well we all know who runs al qaeda (CIA) same thing happened in Iraq with Isis.

  6. @ 2953 "water was poured into a tunnel and came out the other side of the pyramid…the distance covered by the water was 600km" … how was that determined? interesting, but ……reference?

  7. The Giza plateau and he Sphinx were built way before the others and you can tell by all the other failed attempts they tried to replicate and by the writing Giza none, the other ones yes

  8. Ok… so after seeing the trap door on the top of the Sphinx… I had to go look on Google Earth… LMAO… the entire area is low res and blurry… how coincidental?… NOT… I can see what's in my neighbors back yard with more definition…

  9. Who is the "she" lady he keeps referring to? Bulgarian New Earth lady? Typically, one refers to a person by name at times rather than as "she" throughout. You say we can't understand the workings of the minds of people who built these. Why not? People built them as part of their day to day jobs. They had to be fed and housed. The construction also required a vast array of skills and would have been a continuous process given the number of pyramids. This was part of their society and a way of keeping order in society, by employing the population. It's about distribution of wealth and keeping order so that the hugely wealthy ruling class kept the lower classes in their place both by employing them, and by focusing the minds of the people on the ideology of the regime, which was reflected in the iconography on the pyramids and other monuments. The whole thing collapsed in the end because it was in the wrong place and the desert pushed people away, to other places, where they constructed edifices and monuments to the glory of the rulers and engaged the population in other pointless enterprises, such as everlasting war and the production of military equipment. The Egyptians were proto-Europeans.

  10. All the blocks are different sizes and are cut to fit. Aliens with starships would never build with such imperfect materials. This is man made structure using easily found tools and techniques. I just don't buy into all the BS. Sorry im reality based and the reality is what we see not the hoax we are fed.

  11. These Stones were Cut with High Tech Laser Technology–Our Secret Black OPs. Military Space Alien Technology Workers have these Lasers Now–used as Weapons, Surgical Tools, Distance Locators, Lifting Mechanism Lights, etc….

  12. It seems to me the Egyptians need the USA and EU to go and install democracy there ir bomb them and install a new regime the type that will open up everything for all to find , or are they paid off already to hide it all because the truth may show that what we see as wise or important is the total opposite ,

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