#Egypt #travel Hidden Chamber in Great #PYRAMID as big as a PLANE Confirmed by New Scan | Egypt

Two years ago a big discovery in the #GreatPyramid was announced in a paper in Nature: “a large void” (at least 30m/100ft in length) above the Grand Gallery. The find constituted “the first major inner structure found in the Great Pyramid since the 19th century”.

The new discovery was achieved by the #ScanPyramids project – a cross-disciplinary, multi-institution/nation effort that has employed various high-tech, non-destructive methods – such as infra-red thermography and muons radiography – to ‘scan’ the Great Pyramid for hidden cavities and/or structures.
Now, two years later, the Scan Pyramids team have released a new video (embedded below) announcing that the large cavity – which generated some controversy, with questions raised as to whether it truly was there, or was just some sort of scanning artifact – has been confirmed by more scans taken from new points within the pyramid, including the so-called ‘relieving chambers’ that sit above the ‘King’s Chamber’:

The big void was again observed from these new measuring points, confirming and refining the results published in 2017. The cavity is just above the Grand Gallery, between 10 and 15 metres above. Its minimum length, estimated initially at 30 metres, has been reevaluated to 40 metres minimum probably in one single section. However the mission scientists continue to debate about a slope.

The video also discusses other aspects of the project, including the other cavity found behind the entrance to the pyramid, as well as the lack of anomalies between the top of the relieving chambers and the peak of the pyramid.


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  1. so why are we not drilling a tiny hole into the chamber with fibre optic camera poked into it? Surely thats non invasive especially if it was filled again after

  2. This was already predicted by Jean-Pierre Houdin AMAIZING… it's a shame that he didn't get permissions to find out his internal ramp I am sure he is right. And this new chamber gives him more credit, probably there we will find all pharaon treasures, it could be a disovery such important after tu tankhamon

  3. Still discovering things and still can't figure some of it out.
    Which civilization was more advanced ? lol Just wonderful. Thanks for posting this.

  4. I hope scientists manage to at least get a small camera in the newly discovered empty spaces within the next 20 years and put this newly discovered mystery to rest. I think I speak for many when I say: I CAN'T WAIT!

  5. The blocks were moved around using water. The blocks were of a size that maximized the weight that could be floated to the pyramid site for efficiently. Once at the site they had to use a Locke system like canals have to lift the heavy weight upwards. the chamber in the middle was a central pumping station.If you fill the big chamber slightly angled downward with water then open the bottom the weight of the water would force water to flow up the side galleries to the outside to fill a Locke like system to float the blocks up the side. The blocks were fitted precisely in theses galleries and on the outside of the structure as not to let water seep through the cracks and loose the precious water used to float the blocks up. The blocks were fitted precisely as to not let water escape. All the chambers and galleries are set up as a water pumping station to fill and drain a canal or a Locke system using gravity.

  6. maybe originally it was all a solid piece but difernt advanced civilizations come and drill n study it each dying eventually to an astroid or something that destroys tht one civilization . Each one coming and studying dying and another coming and wonderin how there are dril holes

  7. All you see is old tunnels and chambers discovered centuries ago. But no visual improvement the despite the technical advancements. It looks like electricity is yet to be discovered to improved the visuality of these old discoveries. I am 79 years old and watching the interior of the pyramids for 70 years. The Black and White films dimly lit were more romantic and made you dream of future discoveries that never took place. But young scientists want a chance for glory like their predecessors and cannot be stopped for trying. The pyramid romance for us old people is now stale.

  8. Obviously, the voids are simply relief chambers much like used elsewhere to reduce strain and decrease the number of blocks needed for construction. As for claims of free energy that is just a fallacy, energy is not free those who claim it exists even like Tesla didn't realize the energy is actually created by the electromagnetic field of the earth which requires a fusion reaction, therefore, it is not free. But is just a byproduct of energy production, it takes energy to create the energy, you will always have to use more than you create thus it shall never be free! These were monuments built and designed on the beliefs of the Egyptians their intended purpose was to make a statement for millennia to come showing future generations that man really has no limits in their ability to think, dream or engineer and build. And remember when it comes to construction the shortest distance is always the fastest method, blocks were not floated up the pyramid the wheel existed and ropes, pulleys, and counterweights always make a job easier! I Am who I Am!

  9. Err we do know, very well, how it was built. We even know some of the names of the very people who built it. At least one of them wrote extensively how it was built, where the materials came from etc. We know where the builders lived, we know very well what their lives were like, right down to what their diet was like. We know how they shaped the stones, and what tools they used to do so. Stop perpetuating this non-existing mystery, it only feeds the conspiritard 'its aliens wot did it' dip shits!

  10. It's a water elevator. The grand gallery is a water elevator and the void above it is also a water elevator. That's how they got the blocks up there they floated them up from the inside. Underneath the pyramids it's a hydraulic ram pump.

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