#Egypt #travel Exploring The Megalithic Osirion At Abydos In Egypt: Exclusive Access


  1. I can't understand how Egypt is letting all these great world-famous sites being filled with garbage. EVERY single of these structures is filled and surrounded by garbage. Why can't they keep them clean?

    It's there for all visitors to see and really tarnishes Egypt's image. When my family visited Egypt, the main thing they remembered and kept telling was how dirty it was everywhere they went and how it ruined much of the visit.

  2. Huge stones, massive destruction probably by same cataclysmic force which destroyed Puma Punku, Olaytantambo, Nan Midol, Daorson and many other megalithic sites around the globe.

  3. In old times, the elites built underground city bunkers with granite giant stones. Today, our elites built theirs with inferior concrete steel and cement bunkers. Noah built an ark back then, Bill Gates building an ark for only himself now. Does history repeats itself or what?. It's all a cycle in history.

  4. People can agree or disagree with many of Praveen Mohan's conclusions but his channel is definitely worth watching for additional proof (if more were needed) that a global ancient civilization existed. Praveen's channel covers Indian, Cambodian and other ancient Asian sites, he travels to them and shows you features of their construction first hand. The knobs on the stones are present there, as are the bowtie shaped keystone cutouts used to join stones together. Other features include irregular shaped stones with barely a hair's width between them. Where have we these these features before? Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Peru, Easter Island, Iran, Japan and Italy to name but a few. All these associated with ancient cultures with supposedly no knowledge of each other. How could such specific details of a construction technique be so similar by coincidence alone.
    It's also worth noting the incredible intricate carvings (moldings?) in these ancient hindu temples, the have to be seen to be believed. The mainstream explanation for how these amazing sites around the globe were constructed sounds like the kind of brush off explanation an adult would give to a child's question when the adult doesn't know the real answer themselves.

  5. Great video like always Hey that lent looks exactly like saw marks is there 100% proof they are from a type of saw work from a metal type? Or other hard substance? Thx

  6. I wonder why Egyptians seems to have little to zero interest in excavating all around it and other evidences of big constructions still buried at once and for all. It's a really, really shame the pile of obstacles between us and that. How boring all of it in hands of a Country so hard to deal with…

  7. The cell phone camera was fine. I am always tremendously curious as to what lies “beyond”, especially passage ways that are blocked to visitors. I imagine, most of the time, they are there for safety reasons or for unremarkable dead ends, and not to hide some monumental secret chambers. But, who knows?

  8. Image is steady enough Brien, don't sweat over it. Much better than some of your other vids lol 😉

    Question tho Sir… the roof @1:06 in reminds me very much of the original entrance of the great pyramid… further proof this was built in pre-dynastic times?

  9. Great presentation Brien. The little bit of shaking did not bother me. I'm glad you got the opportunity to share this moment with us. Makes you wonder what they're hiding. THANK YOU!

  10. I wonder what the predynastic use of this was. It wasnt a water structure. If anything it looks to be underground access under water above. There was probably a large building above it originally.

  11. Built intentionally underground? I thought it was below grade because it's so old. Also, the newer temple takes a sharp angle, as if they weren't aware the position was even there and they just ran into it.

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