#Egypt #travel Exploring The Dendara Complex – Egypt – Temple Of Hathor

Just for the Record, this Video was recorded on the 28th of October 2020.

#Dendera Temple complex – #Egypt
The dominant building in the complex is the #Hathor_temple.

One of the most beautiful and best preserved temples in Egypt.


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  1. At 1:38;52 you enter a room with blackened ceilings. That room and the next space may have had torchieres for longer periods of time and the smoke might have caused the blackening. Was the chamber used for preparation of a body for burial?

  2. Its absolutely dreamy..i am obsessed with all the lotus reed motifs at the base of the stone walls..I'm just enamored by how ornate all the reliefs are …can you just image…when this temple was in its full glory..walking through…looking up and seeing how majestic ..massive an beautiful even the ceilings where. You can imagine how intoxicating it must have been to the ppl of that time. I would do anything to been able to go back in time to witness it. Of course not as a commoner..lol maybe a princess. It disturbs me how all the statues have been de-headed tho. Sigh…i love Egypt..sumerian.. akadian..babylonian and Persian history and their culture

  3. @30:33, the vertical slots, erratic grooves, these are seen on the walls of many ancient bldgs around Egypt. Some my team of researchers ask tell us they are from sharpening spears, others that stone is removed to crush into powder for worship purposes.

  4. @11:03, the pillars are late Dynastic Egyptian and Roman style, built in drum segments, rather than one single column as pre Egyptian. Pompey's Pillar is a single piece column. The base of Pompey, and the capital are seperate pieces from the pillar portion itself. The capital was built by the Romans, that had a statue mounted on top of it during Roman occupation also. I had just researched Pompey's Pillar a week ago. Details are still fresh on my mind.

  5. The Dendera Zodiac – I didn't even notice it – it's at 1:49:50 – It's actually a copy and the original is at the Louvre Museum. (Stolen from Egypt since Napoleon's time)
    It's the only map like depiction of the sky from ancient Egypt.

  6. I had a very clear dream about the descending staircase at the end of this video. This was many years ago, in 1961, when I was 11 years old. I was living with my family near Boston, Massachusetts in the USA and had never seen anything like this temple anywhere. I woke from this dream because it startled me. I felt that I had actually traveled to the top of this staircase and was about to walk down it when I awoke.

  7. Excellent photography Sherif … Great work … Thankyou … Your sensitivity with Ancient Egypt comes through your narrative even if you do not know how to read the hierolgyphs and wall carvings of the temple… I was there in October of 2019… twelve months earlier

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