#Egypt #travel Exploring DEEP INTO THE PYRAMIDS!! w/ Sam and Colby and Elton

Arms down one of the most remarkable ordeals of our life!

Adhere to TFIL for more upcoming insane video clips!

Buddies in my video clips:

Zane Hijazi – Twitter/Instagram @Zane Snapchat @ZaneHijazi

Scott Sire – Twitter/Snapchat @imnotscottysire Instagram @VanillaDingDong

David Dobrik – Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat @Daviddobrik

Todd Smith – Twitter/Instagram @todderic_ Snapchat @toddysmithy

Kameron Kennedy – Instagram @kamkennedy Snapchat @ki11akam

Dominic DeAngelis- Twitter @domtheb0mb Instagram @weeknds Snapchat @domdeangelis

Erin Gilfoy – Twitter/Instagram @eringilfoy Snapchat @erin_gilfoy

Carly Incontro – Twitter/Instagram @carlyincontro Snapchat @poopflinger

Meghan McCarthy- Twitter/Instagram @MeghanWMcCarthy Snapchat @MWMM

Jay Boice- Twitter @JayABoice Instagram @JayBoice Snapchat @Jaythecat


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