#Egypt #travel Exploring Ancient Egyptian Tombs and Uncovering Their Secrets

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  1. This is great but don't forget about the cylinders of Pharaoh Pepi II are made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz when held produce a subtle electrical energy up to 1.5 volts.  Make them yourself or get them on amazon or etsy called "cylinders of the pharaoh"

  2. With regards the end point of his life, Allah (ﷻ) makes mention in the Holy Quran in Surah Yunus: “We brought the tribe of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his troops pursued them out of tyranny and enmity. Then, when he was on the point of drowning, he [Pharaoh] said: ‘I believe that there is no god but Him in Whom the tribe of Israel believes. I am one of the Muslims’.” [10:90]

    However, this last-minute conversion was not accepted, for it was not sincere. According to the Quran, Allah (ﷻ) further exclaimed: “What, now! When previously you rebelled and were one of the corrupters? Today we will preserve your body so you can be a Sign for people who come after you. Surely many people are heedless of Our Signs

  3. I am so sorry for the Egyptian government. They have to stop digging. We have to respect our ancient in all ways. This is an official robbery. I they want to delve deeper into the history, they have to turn all coffins back into the chambers.

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