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ENOCH | Great Pyramid Of Egypt | The Builder

In “Historic Legends of the Jews,” ENOCH is a “king about all persons,” who reigned for exactly 243 a long time. In the e-book of Genesis, ENOCH is described as just one of the ten patriarchs who reigned just before the Flood. In the Bible, ENOCH is recalled in 5 sentences (Genesis 5:21 – 24)
Historic, ENOCH was the builder of the Great Pyramid, or at least as stated by Taqi al-Din Ahmad ibn Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhammad al-Maqritu (1363-1442) in his created function Khitat. It notes that ENOCH was recognised for various names for various peoples: SAURID, HERMES, IDRIS and ENOCH.

Enoch was using up into the heaven by Archangel Mikhail and he was informed by the angels of a coming cataclysm and he was instructed to create the Great Pyramid, and he hid in them treasures and publications of discovering, and all that he feared might be lost
So that individuals items remain protected (for a lot more perception examine the e-book History is Incorrect by Erich von Daniken)

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